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Texas school district boundaries and ESC Regions are available in ESRI shapefile format from this site. The ZIP archive that is downloaded for each dataset includes 6 component files of the shapefile, plus metadata in HTML and XML formats. Use a file uncompression utility such as WinZip (shareware) to extract all files to the same folder. You can use this shapefile with GIS software such as the free ArcExplorer from ESRI.

NOTE: The shapefiles are in the Texas Centric Mapping System / Lambert Conformal Conic projection.

Terms of Use

  While continuous efforts are made to ensure the accuracy of school district boundaries and school locations, it must be stressed that the locations are approximations, and are for general information purposes only. This data is not a survey product.
  To verify legal descriptions of boundaries, please contact the school districts or Educational Service Center Region office.
  This data should not be used to attempt determination of a school's attendance zones.  The school districts change attendance zones regularly and TEA does not collect spatial attendance zone data. 
  Download of this data implies acceptance of terms of use.

Available Data

School data is updated annually, then as needed throughout the year.  Last annual update: July 2012. File last updated: July 2012. Please refer to the metadata page for more information.

Download Schools

School District Boundaries
School district data is updated annually.  File last updated: July 2013. Please refer to the metadata page for more information.

Download Districts   

Approximate School District Areas
Excel spreadsheet listing approximate school district areas in Square Meters, Acres, and Square Miles (US Statute) is available for download.  File last updated:  July 2013.

Download Approximate District Areas

Source for calculations - National Institute of Standards & Technology publication:http://www.nist.gov/pml/wmd/pubs/upload/14-apd-e-gentab-13-hb133-final.pdf

Education Service Centers

Education Service Center (ESC) data is updated annually, then as needed through out the year.  File last updated: July 2007. Please refer to the metadata page for more information.

Download ESCs

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