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Grade 9 Longitudinal Graduation, Completion, and Dropout Rates, Texas Public Schools, Class of 2009

            Graduated or   continued, or
            continued   Received GED
        Graduated              Continued            Received GED           Dropped out         (Completion I)        (Completion II)    
Class Number Rate (%) Number Rate (%) Number Rate (%) Number Rate (%) Number Rate (%) Number Rate (%)
308,427 248,500 80.6 26,667 8.6 4,404 1.4 28,856 9.4 275,167 89.2 279,571 90.6

Note. A dash (-) indicates data are not reported to protect student anonymity. When the number of students represented by a final status is not reported, the corresponding class size is presented in intervals of 50 to provide a general idea of the number of students in the class while maintaining student anonymity. In a class of <150, for example, the number of students is between 100 and 149. Completion I consists of students who graduated or continued high school. Completion II consists of students who graduated, continued high school, or received General Educational Development (GED) certificates.

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For questions or comments about grade-level retention rates, completion rates, graduation rates, dropout rates, and leavers, please contact the Texas Education Agency Division of Accountability Research by e-mail or by phone at 512-475-3523.
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