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Superintendent Salary Reports

This page last updated February 17, 2015

This page will provide you with superintendent salary information.  You may receive the statistics either as a web page or a comma-delimited file. The figures will be summarized for a particular district, or for the entire state.

A statewide list will be about 700,000 bytes in size. It will take time to display on your browser.

For a brief overview of the Superintendent Salary Reports for a particular year, please select the school year:     

1. Specify the school year for the report:  

2. Select one of the following reports: 

3. Enter the appropriate name or number if needed: 
When entering a district number, use all six digits. For example, enter 057905 for the DALLAS ISD. Capitalize district and county names and include ISD or COUNTY as appropriate.   In order to view a list of COUNTIES, CITIES, DISTRICTS, and CAMPUSES you may click HERE.

4. Choose a sort order:   

5. Please specify the report type (web page is the default):   
Web Page         Comma-Delimited File 

6. Generate the report or reset the values as necessary:    

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You can find additional information in the Performance Reporting products.

You can also submit an adhoc information request.  Please email your request to For those associated with State Agencies, Education Service Centers or School Districts, there is no charge.  For higher education facilities and the general public, there may be a financial cost associated with non-standard adhoc reports.

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