TEA Secure Environment (TEA SE)

Request for Access to Accountability

To request a new TEA SE username for the Accountability application, complete this form online, obtain the required signatures, and follow instructions for mailing or faxing the form.

Section 1:  Requestor Information

*Today's Date (MM/DD/YYYY)

*First Name

*Last Name

 Middle Name (if applicable)

*Job Title




*Work Address



*Zip Code

*County/District Number

*Region Number

*Phone Number

*Birth Month & Day  (MM/DD)

*E-mail address


* = Required information  

Section 2:  Type of Access or Modification Requested

Select one action:

I do not have a TEA SE username.  Please create one for me.

I already have a TEA SE username, which is 

     ADD access to Accountability.  My job duties include this responsibility.

     REVOKE my access to Accountability.  My duties no longer include this

     DELETE my access to all TEA SE applications.

  • I understand that I am responsible for all transactions made with my TEA SE username and password.  

  • I will neither divulge my password nor use a TEA SE username and password assigned to someone else.

  • If I suspect that my password has been compromised, I understand that it is my responsibility to change it.

  • I will not knowingly or intentionally enter any unauthorized data, or change any data without authorization.

  • I agree to notify the TEA Information Security office when my job responsibilities no longer require access to the requested information, or I terminate employment with my current entity.




*Requestor's Signature



*Superintendent's Typed Name

*Superintendent's Signature

This area to be completed by Performance Reporting Division:




Performance Reporting Program Coordinator Signature Date

This area to be completed by TEA Security Administration:

TEA SE username:

Security Administrator Signature Date

Section 3: Submitting Your Request

To complete your application:  

1.  Print and sign the completed form.

2.  Submit the signed form to your Superintendent for approval.

3.  Mail or fax all pages of the application, signed by you and the Superintendent, to the address at the bottom of the page.  If you mail the request, be sure to retain a copy for your records.

Jonathan Delgado

Texas Education Agency

Performance Reporting Division

1701 N. Congress Ave.

Austin TX  78701-1494


FAX:  512-936-6431