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TEA Secure Environment (TEA SE)

Request for Access:  Expenditure Reports (ER)

External Customers and Users

General Information:
A TEA SE username and password are required to report grant expenditures in the Expenditure Reports (ER) system. To request a username, to request that access to ER be added to an existing account, or to modify or revoke existing access to the web application, please complete this form, and mail or fax to the address in Section 7. Your username and password will be issued to you via separate emails.

* Indicates required information.
Section 1A: User Information
Enter your personal information. This should be the information for whom access is being requested.




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* (Please provide your individual address, where your userid and password can be safely mailed.)

Section 1B: User Organization Information

If your organization does not have a County/District Number, enter "N/A."

Your organization's Texas Payee/Taxpayer ID Number, assigned by the State of Texas Comptroller, is required to obtain access. If you do not have one, you may secure one from this link: Obtain a Texas Payee/Taxpayer ID (Vendor ID) Number. If you are unsure whether or not your organization has a Texas Payee/ Taxpayer ID number, please check with your business accounting office before submitting an application.

* *
(If applicable) (If applicable)

(Vendor ID Number)


Section 2:  Type of Access or Modification Requested
If you already have a TEA SE username, please provide it below. If not, please indicate that you need a username. You must also select one appropriate action you are asking TEA to take: ADD, MODIFY, DELETE, or REVOKE access.

TEA SE Username

username, which is 

Requested Action

  My job duties include this responsibility.

 My needs have changed.  The
      desired is: 

If revoking or deleting access for another user, please provide your contact name and phone number.

  My duties no longer include this responsibility. 


Section 3:  Selection of Single Expenditure Reports (ER) TEA SE User Role
Select a single role appropriate for the level of access that you need. General definitions of each role are given below.
- Requestor/Grantee authorized official with authority to submit the expenditure reports and bind the applicant in a contractual agreement (usually the District Superintendent or Executive Director). Has all privileges: can view, create, edit, and certify expenditure reports.
- Requestor/Grantee Manager authorized to certify expenditures are true and correct (appropriate for multi-user business offices where separation of duties is desired). Can certify and view expenditure reports, but cannot create or edit expenditure reports. Another user in your organization must be assigned the Grantee Staff or Grantee Official role in order to create expenditure reports.
- Requestor/Grantee Staff authorized to create and edit expenditure reports (appropriate for multi-user business offices where separation of duties is desired). Can create, edit, and view expenditure reports, but cannot certify expenditure reports. Another user in your organization must be assigned the Grantee Official or Grantee Manager role in order to certify expenditure reports.
- Requestor/Grantee viewer (staff with read-only access to expenditure reports). Can view or read expenditure reports, but cannot take any action on behalf of the grantee.

Section 4:  Certification and Approval
Review, sign and date the “Requestor Certification and Responsibility” statement. Then obtain your District Superintendent's or Chief Executive Officer’s signature to approve your access request. After you secure the required signoff, please submit the application to TEA via mail or fax to the address in Section 7.
Request for Access to Confidential Information
  • I understand that confidential information is any information that has the potential to identify a student, including aggregates with fewer than five members; social security numbers of students or staff; and email addresses of members of the public.
  • I agree that access to confidential data will be limited to the purpose intended by the ER application, and agree to limit the data viewed to that necessary for that purpose.
  • I understand that any unauthorized disclosure of confidential student information is illegal as provided in the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) and implementing federal regulations found in 34 CFR, Part 99. FERPA is specially incorporated into the Texas Open Records Act as an exception to records that are subject to disclosures to the public (Government Code, Section 552.026).
  • I understand that any data sets or output reports that I, or my authorized representative, may generate using confidential data are to be protected. I will not distribute to any unauthorized person any data sets or reports that I have access to or may generate containing confidential data.
  • I understand that release of confidential student information is prohibited by the Texas Government Code, Section 552.352, and that such an offense constitutes a Class A misdemeanor.
  • I certify that the information contained in the registration form is, to the best of my knowledge, correct and that the education agency for which I work has authorized me as a representative. I further certify that any ensuing program and activity will be conducted in accordance with all applicable Federal and State laws and regulations.

Requestor Certification and Responsibility
  • I understand that my username and password are CONFIDENTIAL and may not be shared with another person or entity under any circumstances whatsoever.
  • I will neither divulge my password nor use a username and password assigned to someone else.
  • I understand that I am legally responsible for all transactions made with my username and password.
  • If I suspect that my password has been compromised, or that someone else has used my account, I understand that it is my responsibility to change my password immediately.
  • I will not knowingly or intentionally enter any unauthorized data, or change any data without authorization.
  • I agree to notify the TEA Information Security Office when my job responsibilities no longer require access to the requested information, or I terminate employment with my current organization.
  • I understand my username and password will expire 15 months from issuance if there is no activity. I will access the ER system at least every 12 months to keep my TEA SE username active.


*Requestor's Signature

The Superintendent or Executive Director is responsible for approving the person listed in Section 1A and the role requested in Section 3, revoking the username of persons who are no longer responsible for expenditure reports, or deleting persons whose employment has been terminated. By signing this form, the Superintendent or Executive Director acknowledges and accepts these responsibilities.


*Signature of Superintendent or Executive Director
*Executive Director Typed Name

Section 5:  TEA Office of Planning, Grants and Evaluation Approval (TEA STAFF ONLY)




eGrants Support Staff Signature

Section 6:  TEA Computer Access Approval (TEA STAFF ONLY)

TEA SE Username:_________________________________________________________________________



TEA Computer Access Coordinator's Signature

Section 7: Submitting Your Request
Mail or fax this form to the following address or fax number. Please allow 2 weeks for access to be completed.  

eGrants Support
Texas Education Agency

Office of Planning, Grants & Evaluation
1701 N. Congress Ave.
Austin TX 78701-1494

FAX: 512-463-9564
PHONE: 512-463-7025
For assistance in completing this form, please submit questions electronically to Please be sure to include your name and a contact phone number (including area code), and be as specific as possible about the problem you are encountering.