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TEA Secure Environment (TEASE)
Request for Access

Rev. 04/2008
General Information
This authorization form should be used to request, modify, or revoke access to TEASE, PEIMS EDIT+, the Person Identification Database (PID), PID Enrollment Tracking (PET), and the Superintendent Approval Form (SAF). Complete this form, obtain the required signatures, and follow the instructions in Section 7 for mailing or faxing this form to the TEA. Your TEASE username and password will be issued to you via email.

Section 1: Applicant's Information
Enter personal information for the individual for whom access is being requested. With the exception of Middle Initial, all fields are required.
1Correspondence concerning this request will be emailed to your ESC or District PEIMS Coordinator. Therefore, a valid email address is required.

Section 2: TEASE Access Request or Modification
Create TEASE Account
Modify Existing TEASE Account

Section 3: PEIMS EDIT+ User Profile
3A. General Access Permissions Grant Access Revoke/Exclude Access
Send / Revalidate Data
Complete / Accept File
User Administration
Record Group Access
All Record Groups
030-030 Budget
040-060 Staff
090-090 Staff Resp
100-203 Student
032-033 Actuals
100-461 Student
(415 Not Included)
415-415 Course Comp
100-408 Student
Alternate Agent ID Request2

Authorizing Superintendent's Name Authorizing Superintendent's Signature
2Only complete this section to request an Alternate Agent ID outside the applicant's region. Requests for an Alternate Agent ID within the region should be directed to the applicant's ESC PEIMS Coordinator.

3B. Special Access Permissions Grant Access Revoke/Exclude Access
PID Administration3
PID Search
PID Edit (Validation)
PID Maintenance
PET (PID Enrollment Tracking)
PET - View Only
Region-Wide Table Download5
3Role reserved for ESC access, only. Requires a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the ESC and TEA.
4Only Superintendents (persons with the role and responsibility of Superintendent) can be granted SAF authorization. This authorization may not be delegated.
5Role reserved for ESC access, only.

3C. Profile Created (This section to be completed by District / ESC PEIMS Coordinator)
User Profile has been created.
Note: This form will only be processed by the TEA once the User Profile has been created by the District or ESC PEIMS Coordinator.

Section 4: Applicant's Certification and Responsibility
Please review, sign and date this " Applicant's Certification and Responsibility" statement. If required, also obtain your supervisor's approval of your access request as evidenced by their signature below.
  • I understand that my TEASE username and password are CONFIDENTIAL and may not be shared with another person or entity under any circumstances whatsoever.
  • I will neither divulge my password nor use a username and password assigned to someone else.
  • I understand that I am responsible for all transactions made with my username and password.
  • If I suspect that my password has been compromised, or that someone else has used my account, I understand that it is my responsibility to change my password immediately.
  • I agree to notify TEA Computer Access when my job responsibilities no longer require access to the requested information, or I terminate employment with my current organization.
  • I understand that I must reset my password every 90 days.
  • I understand that if I do not use my TEASE account for 15 months, the account will be deactivated and I will need to reapply to activate the account.
  • I will not knowingly or intentionally enter any unauthorized data or change any data without authorization.
  • I understand that any reports or table downloads that I may generate using confidential data are to be protected.
  • I will not distribute to any unauthorized person any reports or table downloads that I have access to or may generate using confidential data.
  • I understand that procedures must be in place for monitoring and protecting confidential PEIMS information.
If you have requested access to the confidential PID information, specific plans to protect the confidentiality of this information are required in order to process this request. In lieu of specific plans or documented procedures, please answer the following questions:
  • I agree that access to PID will be used for the limited purpose of validating demographics of:
    1. Students currently enrolled in the applicant's school district or region.
    2. Students previously enrolled during the current or prior school year in the applicant's school district or region.
    3. Staff currently employed by the applicant's school district or region.
  • I agree to limit the data I view to that necessary to validate student and staff demographics for consistency and accuracy in reporting to the TEA.
  • I agree to notify TEA Computer Access if my job responsibilities change such that I no longer need access to PID or when I terminate employment with my current educational entity for any reason.
  • I understand that procedures must be in place for monitoring and protecting confidential information.
  • I understand that any unauthorized disclosure of confidential student information is illegal as provided in the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA), and in the implementing of federal regulations found in 34 CFR, Part 99. FERPA is specifically incorporated into the Texas Public Information Act as an exception to records that are subject to disclosures to the public (Government Code, Section 552.026).
  • In addition, I understand that any datasets or output reports that I, or my authorized representative, may generate using confidential data are to be protected. I will not distribute to any unauthorized person any datasets or reports I have access to or may generate using confidential data. I understand that I am responsible for any computer transactions performed as a result of access authorized by use of my TEASE username and password.
  • I also understand that releasing confidential information is prohibited by the Texas Government code, Section 552.352, and that such an offense constitutes a Class A misdemeanor.
  • SAF provides Superintendents with the capability to approve their district's PEIMS submission by electronically signing the "Superintendent' s Statement of Approval of Summary Report and Error Listing" form within PEIMS EDIT+.
  • Only Superintendents can be granted SAF authorization.
  • A Superintendent's electronic signature has the same force and effect as the manual signature of this form. Additional information is available from the Department of Information Resources website.

    Applicant's Signature Request Date

Supervisor's Name6 (Print legibly) Supervisor's Signature6 Approval Date
6Not required if applicant is the Superintendent or ESC Executive Director.

Section 5: TEA PEIMS Division Approval

    TEA PEIMS Division Approval Date

Section 6: TEA Computer Access

TEASE Username Computer Access Administrator Completed Date

Section 7: Submitting Your Request
To complete the request for access process:
  1. Print, complete, and sign this request for access form.
    For best printing results, select the Internet Explorer Browser menu option 'File.Page Setup,' remove all variables from the Header and Footer, and set all margins to .25 inches.
  2. Submit the completed and signed form to your supervisor for approval.
  3. Route the original copy of the signed and approved form to your District or ESC PEIMS Coordinator to set up your PEIMS EDIT+ User Profile. Please be sure to retain a copy for your records.
  4. District or ESC PEIMS Coordinators: Use the checkbox in Section 3C. to confirm that a profile has been created.
  5. If requesting an out-of-region Alternate Agent ID, obtain the signature of the authorizing Superintendent in Section 3A.
  6. Mail a copy or fax all pages of this request for access form to:
    Texas Education Agency
    Attn: Enterprise Data Management
    1701 N. Congress Ave.
    Austin TX 78701-1494
    FAX: 512-463-9330
  7. Please allow three weeks for processing. If you have not received access after three weeks, email computer.access@tea.state.tx.us to check the status of your application.