2002 District Accountability History

This search will return all the campus ratings and district rating for a particular district, for 1995-2002. You may search for a school district by entering the district name, district number, county name, or region number. See the Accountability Manual for the appropriate year for descriptions of any of the rating labels shown.

If you wish to view the most current ratings, please see the current multi-year search.

  1. How do you wish to search?
    District Name (full or partial name)
    District Number
    District by County Name (full or partial name; do not use numbers)
    District by Region Number

  2. Enter the appropriate name or number:
    When entering the district name, do not include the type of district (ISD, CISD). For example, enter Houston, not Houston ISD.
    When entering the county name, do not include the word "county," and do not use numbers.
    When entering the region number, use two digits, for example, enter 03 for region 3.


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