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Performance Reporting
Texas APR
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Historic AEIS

APR Archive

Academic Excellence Indicator System

This website links to AEIS performance reports for every Texas public school and district for 1990-91 through 2011-12. For performance reports beginning in 2012-13, see the Texas Academic Performance Report site.

AEIS 2011-12AEIS 2010-11
AEIS 2009-10
AEIS 2008-09AEIS 2007-08AEIS 2006-07
AEIS 2005-06AEIS 2004-05AEIS 2003-04
AEIS 2002-03AEIS 2001-02AEIS 2000-01AEIS 1999-2000
AEIS 1998-99
AEIS 1997-98AEIS 1996-97
AEIS 1995-96 AEIS 1994-95AEIS 1993-94

The Historic AEIS has archived reports for 1992-93, 1991-92, and 1990-91. Earlier reports are also available from 1989-90 and 1988-89 in the Annual Performance Reports (APR).

The Multi-year History shows selected AEIS data for schools, districts, and the state.

See About AEIS for a brief description and history of the Academic Excellence Indicator System. We also have answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

AEIS Glossary: Each year a new Glossary is produced for the AEIS, specific to that year. In researching the reports, it is important to refer to the glossary for the year in question. Significant changes in methodology are also addressed in the Frequently Asked Questions page.

School Report Cards for campuses are available through this site. Simply select the AEIS by year. The SRCs are available for every year since the 1997-98 school year. Note that no School Report Card is available for 2011-12.

Comparable Improvement reports are part of the AEIS reports and can be found within the appropriate year for the AEIS report, going back to the 1995-96 school year. Note that there are no Comparable Improvement reports for 2002-03, 2003-04, or 2011-12.

For questions regarding accessibility of Performance Reporting products for the visually impaired, contact PR Accessibility.


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