Chapter 109. Budgeting, Accounting, and Auditing
Subchapter A. Budgeting, Accounting, Financial Reporting, and Auditing for School Districts

Statutory Authority: The provisions of this Subchapter A issued under the
Texas Education Code, 7.102(c)(32), 44.001, 44.002, 44.007, and 44.008, unless otherwise noted.

109.1. Financial Accounting.

(a)  A uniform system of public school budgeting, accounting, and financial reporting shall be provided and employed throughout the state as required by law. The uniform system for budgeting, accounting, and financial reporting is to reflect the full implementation of modified and full accrual accounting, as appropriate, in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles.

(b)  The commissioner of education shall develop and administer the requirements relating to budgeting, accounting, financial reporting, and auditing for Texas public schools. The commissioner of education shall ensure adequate stakeholder involvement in the design and modification of these requirements. The State Board of Education shall approve the budgeting, accounting, and reporting systems and the auditing procedures as determined by the commissioner of education. The school districts and charter schools shall install the budgeting, accounting, and financial reporting system as required by law and meet the audit requirements as developed by the commissioner of education and subject to review and comment by the state auditor when required by law.

Source: The provisions of this 109.1 adopted to be effective September 1, 1996, 21 TexReg 2076; amended to be effective October 13, 2002, 27 TexReg 9317.

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