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math chart

math chart

1 Which number is missing from the number sentence?
      63 divided by empty box equals 7
A 6
B 7
C 8
D 9
2 Which drawing best represents a figure with one line of symmetry?


F figure
G figure
H figure
J figure

3 Which is the best estimate of the weight of a car?
A 200 ounces
B 2,000 grams
C 200 milligrams
D 2,000 pounds

4 Hal made this graph to show the number of hours that he worked for four weeks.
a bar graph that shows the number of hours Hal worked for four weeks
If Hal earned $6 an hour, how much money did he earn during Week 2?
F $12
G $24
H $30
J $42

5 Austin’s mother bought 8 cases of soda for a party. There were 24 cans in each case. How many cans of soda did Austin’s mother buy altogether?
A 192
B 184
C 172
D 132
6 The model is shaded to show which fraction?

7 Ryan went to the movies. He bought a movie ticket for $3.50, a soda for $2, and 2 boxes of popcorn. What information is needed to find the total amount Ryan spent at the movies?


A The number of people at the movie
B The cost of a candy bar
C The title of the movie
D The cost of a box of popcorn
8 There were 30 cookies on a platter for 9 children. If each child ate the same number of whole cookies, how many whole cookies did each child eat?
F 3
G 4
H 5
J 9

9 Which type of angle best describes angle Q?


A Obtuse
B Acute
C Right
D Not Here
10 Each day that Jasmine turns in her homework on time, she earns 5 points. Jasmine has turned in her homework on time for the last 8 days. How many points has Jasmine earned altogether?
F 30
G 35
H 40
J 45


11 Jill has a bag with 20 tiles numbered 1 to 20. If she picks out 1 tile without looking, what is the probability that the number on the tile will be an even number?
a bag with 20 tiles numbered 1 to 20
A 1 out of 10
B 1 out of 20
C 10 out of 10
D 10 out of 20

12 Eli put a toy car and a toy truck on a scale. Together they weighed about 1 pound. If the toy truck weighs about 10 ounces, about how much does the toy car weigh?
F 6 ounces
G 10 ounces
H 16 ounces
J 26 ounces
13 Theo bought 2 books for $4 each and 3 pencils for $1 each. Which number sentence can be used to find the total amount of money in dollars Theo spent?
A 8 × 4 = empty box
B 8 + 3 = empty box
C 6 + 4 = empty box
D 6 × 3 = empty box

14 Which model is shaded to show a fraction equivalent to 3/6 ?
F model
G model
H model
J model
15 At breakfast the temperature outside was 68°F. At lunchtime it had gone up 5°F, and then by dinnertime it had gone down 2°F. What was the temperature at dinnertime?
A 61°F
B 65°F
C 71°F
D 73°F

16 Look at the spinner.
            a spinner with equal size blue and red areas
If a student spins the spinner twice, what are all the possible outcomes?
F 2 blues or 2 reds or 1 blue and 1 red
G 2 blues or 2 reds
H 2 reds or 1 blue and 1 red
J 2 blues or 1 blue and 1 red

17 Jenny is making a necklace with beads like the one shown below. Use the ruler on the Mathematics Chart to measure the line segment under the bead in centimeters.
one bead
About how long is the necklace if Jenny uses 27 beads?
A 25 cm
B 29 cm
C 44 cm
D 54 cm
18 Each number in Set P is paired with a number in Set Q. The relationship for each pair of numbers is the same.
Set P
Set Q
If the number in Set P is 11, how will you find its paired number in Set Q?
F Add 6 to 11
G Multiply 11 by 6
H Add 6 to 14
J Multiply 11 by 3

19 George scored 7 points during a basketball game. Jack scored 3 times as many points as George. Which of these shows the total number of points that Jack scored?
A The sum of 7 and 3
B The difference between 21 and 3
C The product of 7 and 3
D The quotient of 21 and 3

20   The model is shaded to represent 2-3/10.
Which decimal does the model represent?
F 0.23
G 2.03
H 2.3
J 20.3

21 Mr. and Mrs. Gómez ride bikes to exercise. The table shows the total number of miles they had ridden after different numbers of days.
of Days
Total Number
of Miles
1 10
9 90
15 150
If the pattern continues, how many miles will Mr. and Mrs. Gómez have ridden after 28 days?

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22 Which is the best estimate of the capacity of a coffee cup?
F 250 liters
G 250 gallons
H 250 milliliters
J 250 cups

23 Which pair of numbers best completes the equation?
Blank x 100 = Blank
A 65 and 650
B 65 and 6,500
C 605 and 6,500
D 650 and 6,005
24 There were 1,455,268 people living in Weston in 1990. In the year 2000 there were 1,426,599 people. How many more people were living in Weston in 1990 than in 2000?
F 27,569
G 28,669
H 28,671
J 31,331

25 Each number in Set S is related in the same way to the number below it in Set T.
Set S
Set T
If the number in Set S is 9, what is one way to find its related number in Set T?
A Multiply 5 by 6
B Add 9 and 6
C Multiply 9 by 6
D Add 5 and 6
26 Which drawing best represents a figure that has only one pair of parallel lines?
F triangle
G square
H trapazoid
J triangle

27 For a school project, Eric’s class is recording all the cities in Texas that have more than 15 inches of rainfall each year and how much rain each of these cities gets. Which would be the best way for the class to organize this information?
A Draw a picture of the state with these cities circled
B Make a graph showing the population of the 10 largest cities
C List all the cities in Texas in alphabetical order
D Make a table to list the cities and their rainfall amounts

28 Look at the clocks.

two clocks

Mark baby-sits from 2:45 P.M. to 5:15 P.M. each day. How long does he baby-sit each day?
F 30 minutes
G 2 hours 30 minutes
H 3 hours
J 3 hours 30 minutes
29 Dave washes the dishes every other day. If he washes the dishes on August 3, on which of the following days will he NOT have to wash the dishes?
A August 15
B August 21
C August 25
D August 30

30 Look at the rectangles below.
two rectangles
The perimeter of rectangle Y is how many centimeters greater than the perimeter of rectangle Z?
F 1 cm
G 2 cm
H 3 cm
J 4 cm

31 Zachary has a ball of string 6 yards long. He needs 20 feet of string for a project. What should Zachary do first to find out if he has enough string to equal 20 feet?
A Multiply 20 by 3
B Multiply 20 by 6
C Multiply 6 by 3
D Multiply 6 by 12

32 The models are shaded to show that —
F one-third equals two-fourths
G one-fourth is greater than one-half
H two-thirds is less than two-fourths
J two-fourths is less than two-thirds

33 Alex bought lemons that were priced at 2 lemons for 18˘. What was the total cost of 5 lemons?
A 28˘
B 36˘
C 45˘
D 90˘
34 How many edges does this square pyramid have?
square pyramid
F 12
G 8
H 6
J 4

35 Danny’s dog ate 56 cans of food in 4 weeks. If the dog eats the same amount each week, which number sentence can be used to find the number of cans of food the dog eats in one week?
A 56 × 7 = empty box
B 56 ÷ 7 = empty box
C 56 × 4 = empty box
D 56 ÷ 4 = empty box
36 Avery arranged some tiles in the pattern shown below.
tiles in a pattern
Which number sentence best represents Avery’s arrangement of tiles?
F 7 + 3 = 10
G 7 × 3 = 21
H 7 × 7 = 49
J 21 − 3 = 18

37 Which point on the number line best represents ½ ?
number line
38 The table below shows the number of months in different numbers of years.
Months in Years
Number of Years 1 2 3
Number of Months 12 24 36
What is one way to find the number of months in 7 years?
F Multiply 7 by 12
G Add 12 to 7
H Subtract 7 from 12
J Divide 12 by 7

39 In which number sentence does 4 make the equation true?
A 40 ÷ empty box = 8
B 24 ÷ empty box = 8
C 16 ÷ empty box = 8
D 32 ÷ empty box = 8

40 Which pair of figures does NOT show a translation?
F pair of figures   H   pair of figures
G pair of figures   J   pair of figures

41 The graph shows the number of students in each fourth-grade class at Lake View Elementary.
a bar graph that shows the number of students in each fourth-grade class
Which 2 teachers have a combined total of 46 students?
A Mr. Long and Mr. Pérez
B Mrs. Smidt and Mrs. Curto
C Mr. Pérez and Mrs. Curto
D Mrs. Smidt and Ms. Lane
42 There were 3,126 people at the fair on Saturday and 3,759 people on Sunday. Which is the best estimate of the total number of people at the fair on both days?
F 1,000
G 6,000
H 7,000
J 8,000

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