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1The drawing shows the top view of a 3-dimensional object.

 Which of the following drawings best represents this 3-dimensional object?


2Which linear equation represents the line passing through points R and S?

Fy = 1.5x − 4.5
Gy = 1.5x + 4.5
Hy = 0.5x − 4.5
Jy = 0.5x + 4.5

3Lee, Kelly, Linda, and Madison all took the same math test. Linda earned a lower score than Kelly, but she did not earn the lowest score. The highest test-scorer’s name does not begin with an L. Madison earned a higher score than Kelly. Which person earned the lowest score on the math test?

4ΔKQR is translated so that R is mapped to R′.

 Which ordered pair best represents either point K′ or point Q′?
FK′ (–3, 6)
GQ′ (–4, –1)
HK′ (5, –2)
JQ′ (–3, –2)

5Ms. Adams bought a refrigerator that cost $1200, including tax. The cost of electricity to run this refrigerator is estimated at $78 per year. Which equation best represents c, the total cost of the refrigerator including electricity over n years of operation?
Ac = 1200(78n)
Bc = 1200(n + 78)
Cc = 1200 − 78n
Dc = 1200 + 78n

6Which of the following ordered pairs best represents the location of point T?





7Trapezoid KMPR is similar to trapezoid LNQS.

 Which is closest to the perimeter of trapezoid LNQS?
A23 units
B31 units
C25 units
D63 units

8An artist painted a mural from the photograph shown below.

 If the artist used a scale of inch to represent 1 foot, which of the following best represents the dimensions in feet of the mural?
F 4 ft by 7 ft

G 1 ft by 2 ft

H 6 ft by 10 ft

J 9 ft by 15 ft

9The price for this year’s season tickets to a city hockey team’s games was reduced by 15% from last year’s ticket price, x. As a result, there was a 22% increase in the number of season-tickets sold this year. If a total of 4000 season tickets were sold last year and each season ticket is equally priced, which expression could be used to determine the total sales from this year’s season tickets?
A4000(1 + 0.22)(1 + 0.15)x
B4000(1 + 0.22)(1 − 0.15)x
C4000(1 − 0.22)(1 − 0.15)x
D4000(1 − 0.22)(1 + 0.15)x

10If y is a function of x in the equation y = x 2 − 9, which statement is true?
FThe independent variable x is equal to 9 less than the square of the dependent variable y.
GThe independent variable y is equal to 9 less than the square of the dependent variable x.
HThe dependent variable y is equal to 9 less than the square of the independent variable x.
JThe dependent variable x is equal to 9 less than the square of the independent variable y.

11Which of the following shapes could not represent a top, front, or side view of a trapezoidal prism?
AA square
BA trapezoid
CA rectangle
DA triangle

12The graph shows the distance a certain motorbike can travel at a constant speed with respect to time.

 Which of the following best describes the meaning of the slope of the line representing this situation?
FThe motorbike travels at a speed of about 8 miles per hour.
GThe motorbike travels at a speed of about 2.5 miles per hour.
HThe motorbike travels at a speed of about 5 miles per hour.
JThe motorbike travels at a speed of about 10 miles per hour.

13For a spring break special, an amusement park charged $10 per person for admission with unlimited rides. The regular admission price is $5 per person plus $0.50 per ride. Which of the following statements is true?
AIf a person plans to get on 10 rides, the spring break special costs less.
BIf a person plans to get on 10 rides, the regular admission price costs less.
CIf a person plans to get on fewer than 10 rides, the regular admission price costs less.
DThe spring break special costs less no matter how many rides a person plans to get on.

14The table below shows the relationship between p, the number of cell phones a company produces, and d, the number of cell phones that are defective.

 Which equation can be used to describe this relationship?
F d = 20p

G d = 0.05p


J d = p − 95

15The drawing below shows how 3 squares can be joined at their vertices to form a right triangle.

 Which is closest to the area in square inches of the largest square?
 A 1914 in. 2
 B 233 in. 2
 C 210 in. 2
 D 1073 in. 2

16Simplify the expression 6 − 3(5x + 2) − 10x.
G5x + 6
H8 − 25x
J12 − 25x

17Jerry has a CD case that contains 4 country music CDs, 1 rock-and-roll CD, 2 rap CDs, and 3 Tejano CDs. What is the probability of Jerry randomly selecting a Tejano CD and then, without replacing it, randomly selecting a rap CD from his case?




18Shirley graphed a function of the form . She then translated the graph 8 units up, resulting in the function . Which of the following best represents Shirley’s original function?




19Richard budgets $1200 of his job earnings on a monthly basis. The graph below shows his monthly budget.

 Which conclusion can be drawn from the information given?
AMore than 30% of Richard’s budget is for credit card payments, insurance, and food combined.
BRichard budgets $384 for utilities, insurance, and his car payment combined.
CLess than 50% of Richard’s budget is for rent, food, and utilities combined.
DRichard budgets $228 for savings, entertainment, and clothes combined.

20In 2004 a married couple could have calculated their estimated income tax, t, for that year using the equation t = 0.25c − 6525, in which c represents their combined taxable income. If a married couple had a combined taxable income between $60,000 and $64,000, which of the following is a reasonable amount for their income tax?

21Bruce went to a barbershop for a haircut. The price for a haircut at this barbershop is $15, tax included. If Bruce tipped the barber 15% of the cost of the haircut and the tax, how much change in dollars and cents should he have received if he paid with a $20 bill?

Record your answer in the space below. Be sure to use the correct place value.

(Your answer must be between 0 and 999.)

22An object was dropped from a height of 250 meters and fell to the ground. The graph below shows the change in h, the object’s height in meters, with respect to t, the time in seconds.

 According to the graph, which time interval best represents when the object was at 140 meters above the ground?
FBetween 3 seconds and 3.25 seconds
GBetween 3.75 seconds and 4 seconds
HBetween 3.5 seconds and 3.75 seconds
JBetween 3.25 seconds and 3.5 seconds

23The owner of an amusement park created a circular maze that has a diameter of 50 feet.

 If the owner doubles the radius of the maze, which statement describes what will happen to the circumference and area of the maze?
AThe circumference and the area will double.
BThe circumference and the area will quadruple.
CThe circumference will double, and the area will quadruple.
DThe circumference will quadruple, and the area will double.

24Stephen claims that the exterior angle for any regular polygon is either an acute angle or an obtuse angle. If each of the following polygons is regular, which one could disprove Stephen’s theory?

25The net of a right triangular prism is shown below. Use the ruler on the Mathematics Chart to measure the dimensions of the right triangular prism to the nearest centimeter.

 Which is closest to the total surface area of this right triangular prism?
 A 18 cm 2
 B 60 cm 2
 C 48 cm 2
 D 36 cm 2

26What is the x-coordinate of the x-intercept of the function ?

27Mr. Bergman built a rectangular sandbox for his children, as shown below.

 If each 50-pound bag contains approximately 0.70 cubic foot of sand, which is closest to the number of bags of sand that Mr. Bergman used to completely fill this sandbox?

28Which of these are characteristics of the parent function of a quadratic equation?
I. The parent function of a quadratic equation has the vertex at (0, 0).
II. The parent function of a quadratic equation opens downward.
III. The parent function of a quadratic equation has the
y-axis as its line of symmetry.

FI and II only
GI and III only
HII and III only
JI, II, and III

29A toad is 25 feet north of a bullfrog. Every time the toad jumps 1 foot, the bullfrog jumps 3 feet. If both the toad and the bullfrog jump due north, how many jumps will it take for the bullfrog to pass the toad?

30A pattern exists for digits in the ones place of the value that results from raising 7 to the power of n, where n is an integer greater than or equal to 1.

 Which digit is in the ones place of the value of 7 50?

31Look at the cylinder shown below.

 Which equation best represents the volume, V, of this cylinder in terms of π?
 A V = 16πr 2
 B V = 8πr 3
 C V = 4πr 2
 D V = 4πr 3

32Norma and Lauretta went to a store to buy DVDs on sale for $5 each, tax included. Norma purchased two and a half times as many DVDs as Lauretta purchased. Together they purchased 14 DVDs. Which system of linear equations can be used to determine n, the number of DVDs Norma purchased, and l, the number of DVDs Lauretta purchased?




33Mrs. Aman asked her students to look at the drawing shown below to determine the length of d.

 Which of the following student responses best represents the length of d?
A8 units
B11 units
C14 units
D3 units

34Pentagon PQRST is graphed on the coordinate grid below.

 Which of the following points would be the location of S′ if pentagon PQRST is dilated by a scale factor of 2 and has a center of dilation at (0, 0)?
F(–6, 4)
G(2, –6)
H(4, –6)
J(4, –3)

35Look at the cylinder shown below.

 Which of the following cylinders is similar to the one above?


36The area of the shaded portion of the rectangle shown below is 440 square feet.

 How can the area of the unshaded portion of the rectangle be expressed in terms of x in square feet?
F440x − 30
G(30 + x)440
H(30 − 440)x
J30x − 440

37 Which lists the functions of the form y = ax 2 in order from the widest to the narrowest graph?




38The squares below show a pattern.

 Which expression can be used to determine the number of squares at stage n?
 F 5n − 3 
 G 4n − 2 
 H 2n 2
 J n 2 + n

39The length of each leg of an isosceles triangle is 5 centimeters more than twice the length of the base. If the perimeter of this isosceles triangle is 95 centimeters, what is the length of the base?
A17 cm
B21 cm
C30 cm
D39 cm

40Which line appears to have a slope of zero?

FLine n
GLine k
HLine w
JLine p

41Jeremy’s house is 45 feet wide. In a photograph the width of the house was 2.5 inches, and its height was 2 inches. What is the actual height of Jeremy’s house?
A18 ft
B26 ft
C32 ft
D36 ft

42Which graph best represents an equation that has the roots and ?


43A triangle is inscribed in a square, as shown below.

 What is the area of the shaded triangle inscribed in the square?




44The table below shows the results of rolling a fair number cube 50 times during a classroom activity.

 What is the difference between the theoretical probability of rolling a number less than 4 and the experimental results recorded in the table above?

45Lee designed a table that appears to be a cone with a wooden board passing through it, as shown below.

 Which of the following best represents a top view of this table?


46A rectangle has a length of 2x + 1 and a width of 5x − 4. Which expression best describes the area of the rectangle?
F 7x − 3

G 14x − 6

H 10x 2 − 3x − 4

J 10x 2 + 13x − 4

47 If the system of linear equations 2x + y = 1 and y = –x + 1 are graphed on the same coordinate grid, which of the following is the solution to this system of linear equations?

A(2, 0)
B(0, 2)
C(0.5, 0)
DNot here

48 Which data set is best described by the function y = –2x 2 + 5x?




49The graph below represents Cheyenne’s bicycle trip from her house to a friend’s house.

 On which segment of the graph does it appear that Cheyenne was riding her bicycle at the slowest pace?

50A chemist started an experiment with 5 grams of a chemical. The chemical was used at a rate of 0.01 gram per minute. Which equation best describes the relationship between c, the amount of chemical remaining in grams, and t, the time in minutes?
Fc = 5.01t
Gc = 4.99t
Hc = 5 − 0.01t
Jc = 0.01t − 5

51The table shows the first-class postage rates for different years.

 Which conclusion is true for the data given?
AThe rate for first-class postage was above $0.18 during the 1970s.
BThe rate for first-class postage remained below $0.32 during the 1990s.
CThe rate for first-class postage remained below $0.29 during the 1980s.
DThe rate for first-class postage increased by 4% between 1971 and 1995.

52The circle shown below has a diameter of 10 units.

 Which of the following ordered pairs best represents the location of the center of the circle?
F (–2, )

G (–2, 4)

H (–2, )

J (–2, )

53A slide was installed at the local swimming pool, as shown below.

 Which is closest to the length of the slide?
A29 ft
B16 ft
C21 ft
D81 ft

54 Marlena was asked to find an expression that is not equivalent to 2 12. Which of the following is not equivalent to the given expression?
F(2 2) 6
G(2 8) 4
H(2 6)(2 6)
J(2 3)(2 9)

55Which table best describes points on the line graphed below?



56The table shows a math department’s budget for the upcoming school year.

 Which bar graph best represents the data given in the table?


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