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Read the two selections and the viewing and representing piece. Then answer the questions that follow.




Use “The First Day” to answer questions 1–11.

1Read the following dictionary entry.
 Which definition best matches the meaning of the word lost as it is used in paragraph 2?
ADefinition 1
BDefinition 2
CDefinition 3
DDefinition 4

2After receiving help from another woman in filling out the form, the mother —
Fseems ashamed and embarrassed
Goffers to return the favor
Hthanks the woman
Jgives the woman fifty cents

3In order to stop her daughter from whining, the mother —
Athreatens to punish her
Blets her wear perfume
Cplays a game with her
Dbuys her new shoes

4In paragraph 20, the word enunciates means —

5Why does the Walker-Jones school make the narrator’s mother tense?
AThe teachers do not treat the mother with respect.
BThe walls of the building need to be repaired.
CThe school is far away from the mother’s church.
DThe auditorium is too crowded and messy.

6In paragraph 7, the author uses the phrase “before I can blink” to show that the narrator —
Fseems surprised by her mother
Gis being rushed by her mother
His beginning to cry
Jfeels afraid of New Jersey Avenue

7What can the reader conclude from the mother’s actions in paragraphs 11–17?
AThe mother is relieved that her daughter will be able to register for school.
BThe daughter feels powerless while her mother asks for help.
CThe woman teases the mother until she admits she cannot read or write.
DThe mother is willing to risk humiliation to help her daughter.

8A source of conflict for the narrator’s mother is —
Fher lack of communication with her daughter
Gher inability to read and write
Hthe cost of sending her daughter to school
Jthe memory of her ex-husband

9In paragraph 5, the author uses the term “the closing gate” to suggest that the mother —
Ahas realized that her daughter will not be admitted to Seaton
Bhas lowered her eyelids in frustration and anger
Cis watching the woman at Seaton close the front door
Dis figuring out how to find another way into the building

10Based on the evidence in paragraph 3, the reader can conclude that —
Fthe mother and daughter are lost
Gthe mother’s church is dirty and run-down
Hthe daughter’s friends are at a different school
Jthe daughter’s friends are avoiding her

11Which of the following sentences is an example of cause and effect?
AWhen I say the word in fun to one of my sisters, my mother slaps me across the mouth and the word is lost for years and years.
BShe finishes the form for her daughter and my mother and I step aside to wait for her.
CSomewhere in the room a child is crying, a cry that rises above the buzz-talk of so many people.
DWe go into the hall, where my mother kneels down to me.

Use “Unforgettable Miss Bessie” to answer questions 12–22.

12What is this selection mainly about?
FA successful journalist remembers the difficult challenges he overcame many years ago in high school.
GA former student is surprised when he visits his old high school teacher.
HA former student remembers the high school teacher who taught him the real meaning of education.
JA woman born into poverty becomes an inspirational high school teacher.

13Where was Miss Bessie when she learned the importance of a good education?
ABernard High School
BTrinity School
CNormal School
DFisk University

14In addition to regular school lessons, Miss Bessie also taught the author how —
Fto gain access to books in the town library
Gto stand up to peer pressure
Hto play the piano
Jto work as a newspaper delivery boy

15What is paragraph 15 mainly about?
AThe author found a way to study even in very difficult conditions.
BThe author enjoyed reading classic literature by lamplight.
CThe author’s family lived in poverty without benefit of electricity.
DThe author’s father built their small house with very little money.

16The author read whatever Miss Bessie told him to read because —
Fhe was afraid that she would punish him if he didn’t
Ghe felt guilty that she smuggled books out of the town library for him
Hshe convinced him that he could be a better poet than Shakespeare
Jshe said that his dreams depended on his ability to read and write well

17Miss Bessie could be characterized as —
Ahappy and carefree
Bangry and spiteful
Cstrict but kind
Dlenient but unforgiving

18What conflict led the author to work as a delivery boy?
FHe wanted to learn about being a journalist.
GHe wanted to buy a new overcoat.
HHis family needed help paying the bills.
JHis family couldn’t afford to buy newspapers.

19In paragraph 25, the words “rippled out across generations” suggest that Miss Bessie’s influence —
Awas fading as time passed
Bhad more impact on her students than anything else they experienced
Ccould not be measured until she passed away
Daffected many people over time

20When Miss Bessie caught the author helping Buster Martin cheat, she didn’t punish the boys because she —
Fwas too upset to speak
Gwas amused by their behavior
Hfelt proud that they were working together
Jrealized the test question was too difficult

21Which of the following can the reader conclude from the information in paragraph 27?
AMiss Bessie would have been better as a college teacher.
BTeachers can’t handle classrooms without laughter and love.
CThe way Miss Bessie taught had more effect than the lessons themselves.
DA high school education is more important than a college education.

22Miss Bessie probably never talked about her educational background because —
Fshe had difficulty communicating with her students
Gshe knew her students were not interested in her childhood
Hshe didn’t believe a college degree was very important
Jshe was embarrassed that she never attended Fisk University

Use “The First Day” and “Unforgettable Miss Bessie” to answer questions 23–25.

23Both the mother in “The First Day” and Miss Bessie show their commitment to education by —
Arefusing to tolerate bad language or poor grammar
Bencouraging children to read as much as possible
Cdoing whatever is necessary to provide an opportunity for others
Dtelling children what they should value in their own lives

24What is different about the time covered by each selection?
F“The First Day” is about a single day, but “Unforgettable Miss Bessie” takes place over many years.
G“The First Day” is about kindergarten, but “Unforgettable Miss Bessie” is about high school.
H“Unforgettable Miss Bessie” is set in the past, but “The First Day” is set in the present.
J“Unforgettable Miss Bessie” is about remembering, but “The First Day” is about forgetting.

25What is similar about the narrators in the two selections?
AThey grew up without fathers.
BThey had several brothers and sisters.
CTheir parents did not get a good education.
DTheir childhood homes were very small.

Use the visual representation to answer questions 26–28.

26Which of these best states the purpose of the flyer?
FTo convince readers that mentor programs need more money
GTo inform readers about different ways to be a good mentor
HTo entertain readers by relating the experiences of one mentor
JTo show readers a variety of ways they can become mentors

27This flyer appeals to the viewer’s —
Aneed for entertainment
Bdesire to earn money
Csense of community responsibility
Dsearch for personal recognition

28The designer of this flyer most likely chose the photograph —
Fto show that most mentors are women
Gto emphasize the importance of academics
Hto illustrate the relationships between mentors and children
Jto persuade parents to buy computers for children


Read the introduction and the passage that follows. Then read each question and mark the circle next to the correct answer.


29What transition could be added to the beginning of sentence 2?

30What change, if any, should be made in sentence 5?
ADelete it
BChange lives to life’s
CInsert a comma after people
DMake no change

31What is the most effective way to rewrite the idea in sentence 7?
FIt then sends these sounds. To a person through headphones.
GIt then sends them through headphones. These sounds to a person.
HIt then sends these sounds to a person through headphones.
JIt then sends these sounds to a person, the sounds travel through headphones.

32What change, if any, should be made in sentence 9?
AChange that to this
BChange brains’ to brain’s
CChange adapt to adapting
DMake no change

33What change, if any, should be made in sentence 11?
FChange effective to effectiveness
GDelete the comma
HChange were chosen to was chosen
JMake no change

34What is the most effective way to rewrite sentence 12?
AEach tester was given a system. Consisting of a head-mounted camera, stereo headphones, and a laptop computer.
BEach tester, which consisted of a head-mounted camera, stereo headphones, and a laptop computer, was given a system.
CEach tester was given a system because a system consisted of a head-mounted camera and stereo headphones and a laptop computer.
DEach tester was given a system that consisted of a head-mounted camera, stereo headphones, and a laptop computer.

35What change, if any, should be made in sentence 16?
FChange equiped to equipped
GChange that to it
HChange spoke to spoken
JMake no change

36What change, if any, should be made in sentence 17?
AChange weeks to weaks
BChange experiments to experiment
CInsert a comma after able
DMake no change

37What change, if any, should be made in sentence 19?
FChange automatically to automatic
GDelete the comma
HChange them to you
JMake no change

38John wants to add this sentence to the last paragraph (sentences 17–19).

They are also able to identify certain situations, including whether the lights in a room are on or off.

Where is the best place, if any, to insert this sentence?
ABefore sentence 17
BAfter sentence 17
CAt the end of the paragraph
DThere is no logical place to insert this sentence.


39What revision, if any, is needed in sentences 4 and 5?
FFrom Grandpa Forester to two-year-old Olivia Sánchez, everyone in the neighborhood. Enjoys feeding Moochie a carrot or potato.
GEveryone in the neighborhood, from Grandpa Forester to two-year-old Olivia Sánchez, enjoys feeding Moochie a carrot or potato.
HEveryone in the neighborhood who enjoys feeding Moochie a carrot or potato is from Grandpa Forester to two-year-old Olivia Sánchez.
JNo revision is needed.

40What change, if any, should be made in sentence 6?
AChange owners to owner’s
BInsert they after the second comma
CChange there to their
DMake no change

41What change, if any, should be made in sentence 8?
FChange sits to sitting
GInsert a comma after corner
HChange avenue to Avenue
JMake no change

42What is the most effective way to improve the organization of the second paragraph (sentences 8–13)?
ADelete sentence 9
BSwitch sentences 9 and 10
CSwitch sentences 10 and 11
DDelete sentence 11

43What is the most effective way to rewrite the ideas in sentence 15?
FGorman, an urban type, loved the boulevards and shops that were a few blocks away.
GA few blocks away Gorman loved the boulevards and shops, an urban type.
HLoving the boulevards and shops that were a few blocks away. Gorman was an urban type.
JGorman loved the boulevards and shops that were a few blocks away, he was an urban type.

44What change should be made in sentence 19?
AChange notified to notifyed
BDelete so
CChange your to you’re
DInsert quotation marks at the end of the sentence

45The meaning of sentence 24 can be clarified by changing one to —

46What change, if any, should be made in sentence 35?
AChange become to became
BChange companion to companon
CInsert a comma after pig
DMake no change

47What is the most effective way to combine sentences 38 and 39?
FCity officials seemed glad to have found a loophole that would let Moochie stay with the O’Callahans.
GCity officials seemed glad, they had found a loophole that would let Moochie stay with the O’Callahans.
HCity officials seemed glad, although they had found a loophole that would let Moochie stay with the O’Callahans.
JCity officials seemed glad and to have found a loophole that would let Moochie stay with the O’Callahans.

48What change, if any, should be made in sentence 42?
AInsert a comma after neighbor
BChange apreciate to appreciate
CChange O’Callahans’ to O’Callahans
DMake no change

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