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1The student council at Jefferson High School sold a total of 220 brownies and cookies during its fund-raiser. Each brownie sold for $0.75, and each cookie sold for $0.50. The student council made $136.50 from the sales of brownies and cookies. Which system of linear equations can be used to find b, the number of brownies sold, and c, the number of cookies sold?
Ab + c = 220
0.50b + 0.75c = 136.50
Bb + c = 136.50
0.75b + 0.50c = 220
Cb + c = 136.50
0.50b + 0.75c = 220
Db + c = 220
0.75b + 0.50c = 136.50

2ΔWXY is isosceles.

 WY is 10 centimeters long. Find the length of XZ.
F5 cm
G10 cm
H12 cm
J13 cm

3Mr. Kelly’s company manufactures a cylindrical soup can that has a diameter of 6 inches and a volume of 226 cubic inches. If the diameter stays the same and the height is doubled, what will happen to the can’s volume?
AIt will remain the same.
BIt will double.
CIt will triple.
DIt will quadruple.

4Which graph best represents the line that has a slope of and contains the point (4, –3)?


5Amanda, Bonnie, Cindy, and Linda competed in a biathlon consisting of running and swimming events. The table below shows the number of seconds each of them took to complete the parts of the competition.

 The top rankings are awarded to the individuals with the fastest combined times. Based on the information given in the table, which event probably determined the outcome of the competition?
ARunning, because the times vary more
BSwimming, because the times vary more
CRunning, because the times are consistent
DSwimming, because the times are consistent

6Simplify the polynomial below.
–3x(7x − 4) + 6x − (13 − 24x 2)

 F 3x 2 + 18x − 13
 G –24x 2 − 15x − 17
 H –24x 2 + 10x − 17
 J 3x 2 + 18x + 13

7 The graph of a function of the form y = ax 2 + c is shown below.

 If the graph is translated only up or down to include the ordered pair (6, 7), which of the following equations best represents the resulting graph?
  A  y = –x 2 + 3

  B  y = x 2 + 1

  C  y = –x 2 − 10

  D  y = x 2 − 5

8The first 4 stages of a certain fractal are shown below.

 In each stage after the first, each square is divided into 4 squares, and then the bottom right square is removed. If the pattern continues, how many shaded square units will Stage 5 contain?

9Which of the following relationships could not be used to determine the length of DR, as shown below?

ADF + FQ + QR = DR

10How many faces, edges, and vertices does the solid shown below have?

F4 faces, 10 edges, and 7 vertices
G9 faces, 10 edges, and 8 vertices
H10 faces, 16 edges, and 9 vertices
J9 faces, 16 edges, and 9 vertices

11A salesclerk earns $250 per week plus a commission of of her total sales. If her sales total x dollars, which equation can be used to determine her total weekly earnings?
A y = 250(x + )

B y = 250x + x

C y = 250x +

D y = 250 + x

12Mr. Maxwell asked his students to identify the domain represented by the function graphed below.

 Which of the following student responses is correct?
F–5 x < 6
G–6 x 2
H–5 x < –2
JNot here

13An ice-cream vendor made a table showing the relationship between the daily high temperature and the number of ice-cream cones sold per day. What is the dependent quantity in this relationship?
AThe daily high temperature
BThe number of ice-cream cones sold per day
CAll of the data in the table
DCannot be determined

14The diagram below shows the top view of a structure built with identical cubes, as well as the number of cubes in each column of the structure.

 Which 3-dimensional view best represents the same structure?


15Mr. Schultz has a garden shaped like an equilateral triangle that measures 11 feet on each side. He has placed a watering hose that extends from the faucet located at a vertex to the opposite side, as shown below.

 Which is closest to the length of the hose in the garden?
A7.8 ft
B9.5 ft
C6.4 ft
D5.5 ft

16What is the simplified form of ?




17A biologist noticed that the population of ladybugs in a sample doubled every 3 days. If the initial population sample was 30 ladybugs, what was the population of ladybugs at the end of 9 days?

18Which points best represent the roots of the graphed quadratic equation shown below?

F (6, 0) and (4, 6)

G (4, 6) and (2, 0)

H (2, 0) and (6, 0)

J (0, 2) and (0, 6)

19Look at the cube shown below.

 Which equation best represents the area of the shaded rectangle located diagonally in the cube?




20Jackie made a rectangular prism to hold her earrings. The net of the rectangular prism is shown below. Use the ruler on the Mathematics Chart to measure the dimensions of the rectangular prism to the nearest inch.

 Which is closest to the volume of this rectangular prism?
 F 4 in. 3
 G 1.3 in. 3
 H 8.5 in. 3
 J 13.5 in. 3

21The equation represents the relationship between F, the temperature in degrees Fahrenheit, and C, the temperature in degrees Celsius. If the temperature is 104°F, what is the temperature in degrees Celsius?
 Record your answer in the space below. Be sure to use the correct place value.

(Your answer must be between 0 and 999.)

22A diagram of a power/volume control knob on a stereo is shown below.

 When the stereo is turned on and the knob is turned to a volume level of 5, the knob is rotated 100° from its off position. What is the approximate arc length of the path traveled by the knob’s rotation from the off position to a volume level of 5?
F545 mm
G157 mm
H22 mm
J44 mm

23Last Friday a used-car dealer had cars for sale for $600, $690, $695, $710, $725, $750, $850, $995, $995, $995, and $1495. Select the most effective measure to use to convince potential customers that the dealer’s prices are very low.

24If r + s = t and x = y, which of the following must be true?
Fr + sx = yt
Gr + st = x + y
Hr + s + t = xy
Jr + s + x = t + y

25AB is a diameter of the circle shown below.

 Which is closest to the length of the radius of the circle?
A3.1 units
B4.3 units
C6.1 units
D12.2 units

26The graph of a linear function is shown below.

 If the line is translated 2 units down, which equation will best describe the new line?
F y = 3x + 1

G y = x + 1

H y = 3x + 5

J y = x + 5

27Henry built a wooden storage shed in the shape of a rectangular prism for his tools. The figure below shows the dimensions of the storage shed.

 If Henry plans to paint only the top, front, left, and right sides of his shed, which is closest to the surface area that will be painted?
 A 121 ft 2
 B 181 ft 2
 C 154 ft 2
 D 91 ft 2

28If y is directly proportional to x and y = 12 when x = 16, what is the value of x when y = 5?
F 1

G 3

H 6


29For each grading period Mr. Brown gives his students one project and two tests. The project counts as 20% of the students’ final grade, and the mean of the 2 test scores counts as the rest of their grade. In Mr. Brown’s class Anthony earned a grade of 87 on his first test and a grade of 96 on his second test. Which of the following is a reasonable minimum grade Anthony must score on his project in order to have a final grade of at least 90?

30The spreadsheet below contains 20 cells. A cell in a spreadsheet can be identified first by the column letter and then by the row number. For example, the number 10 is found in Cell C4.

 If the number in Cell A3 = B4 − 3(E2 + D4), which of the following must be the number in Cell E2?

31Which net best represents the triangular prism shown below?



32The graph of a system of linear equations is shown below.

  Which of the following is the solution to this system of linear equations?
F(0, 4)
G(8, 1)
H(0, –3)
J(10, 2)

33Look at the figure shown below.

  Which expression does not represent the area of the figure?
Baf + adde
Cde + af + ad
Daf + cd

34The Hawthorne Mustangs have won 4 games and lost 6 games this season. Based on these results, which is the best prediction of the number of games the Mustangs must play in order to win 6 games?

35The figure below shows a CD in its rectangular storage case.

  Which is closest to the area of the storage case not occupied by the CD?
 A 55 cm 2
 B 46 cm 2
 C 51 cm 2
 D 60 cm 2

36Parallelogram WBMP is shown on the grid below.

 If WBMP is reflected across the line y = –x and then translated 4 units down to become parallelogram W′B′M′P′, what will be the coordinates of M′?
F(–6, –7)
G(6, –1)
H(6, 7)
J(6, 3)

37The profit earned on the sale of tool sets can be represented as the product of the number of tool sets sold and the difference between the selling price and the cost of making each set. The selling price of each tool set is $19.95, and the cost of making each set is $4.37. Which equation represents p, the profit, in terms of s, the number of tool sets sold?
Ap = s(19.95 − 4.37)
Bp = s(19.95 + 4.37)
Cp = 19.95 + 4.37s
Dp = 19.95s − 4.37

38The figure below shows a conical cup containing water. The water depth can be represented by x, and the area of the water surface can be represented by A. As the water depth changes, the area of the water surface changes, as shown in the table below.

  Which equation best represents the relationship between the area of the water surface and the water depth?




39In the figure shown below, MN = 10 centimeters.

 Which is closest to the length of TN?
A7 cm
B6 cm
C17 cm
D14 cm

40Casey conducted an experiment and recorded the data in the table shown below.

 Which equation best describes these data?
 F y = x 
 G y = 2x − 1 
 H y = x 2 + x − 1
 J y = (x − 1) 2 + 1

41Patti works as a waitress. She earns $4.50 per hour plus tips and serves an average of 6 customers per hour. If Patti earned $108 during an 8-hour shift, which amount best represents the average tip per customer?

42The energy of a certain particle is 3.86 joules. If this particle loses 0.105 joule of energy every 30 seconds, what will its energy be after 8 minutes?
F2.18 joules
G1.68 joules
H3.02 joules
J2.29 joules

43Which of the following is the vertex of the graph of the equation
y = –x 2 + 2x + 3?

A(0, 3)
B(–1, 0)
C(1, 4)
D(3, 0)

44Look at the solid sphere and the cylinder containing water shown in Figure 1.

 Figure 2 shows the sphere submerged in the water inside the cylinder.

 Which is closest to the height of the water level in Figure 2?
F13 cm
G17 cm
H15 cm
J11 cm

45Which graph best represents a line that is parallel to the graph of the equation ?


46 How does the graph of y = –x 2 differ from the graph of y = x 2?
  F  The graph of y = –x 2 opens downward and is wider than the graph of y = x 2.
  G  The graph of y = –x 2 opens upward and is wider than the graph of y = x 2.
  H  The graph of y = –x 2 opens upward and is narrower than the graph of y = x 2.
  J  The graph of y = –x 2 opens downward and is narrower than the graph of y = x 2.

47Four square pieces are cut from the corners of a square sheet of metal. As the size of the small squares increases, the remaining area decreases, as shown below.

 If this pattern continues, what will be the difference between the first square’s shaded area and the fifth square’s shaded area?
A4 square units
B24 square units
C49 square units
D96 square units

48The graph below shows the amount of force needed to stretch a certain spring to various distances.

 Which of the following best represents the difference between the amount of force in pounds needed to stretch the spring to 10 inches and the amount needed to stretch it to 4 inches?

49Find the x- and y-intercepts of –4x + 7y = –28.
Ax-intercept: (–4, 0)
y-intercept: (0, 7)
Bx-intercept: (7, 0)
y-intercept: (0, –4)
Cx-intercept: (0, 7)
y-intercept: (–4, 0)
Dx-intercept: (0, –4)
y-intercept: (7, 0)

50Four friends took turns using the stationary bike at a health club. Huan used it three times as long as Melanie. Susie used it half as long as David, and David used it 15 minutes longer than Huan. The four friends used the stationary bike for a total of 2.5 hours. How long did Susie use the stationary bike?
F60 min
G45 min
H30 min
J15 min

51In the figures below, ΔHKM ~ ΔRTV, and the area of ΔHKM is equal to 10 square units.

 What is the area of ΔRTV?
A30.625 square units
B87.5 square units
C21.875 square units
D61.25 square units

52What is the rate of change of the function y = –7?

53The manager of the Sherbet Shoppe wants to construct a circle graph showing the popularity of the various sherbet flavors he offers. Here is the tally of the favorite flavors of his first 30 customers on Saturday.

 In the circle graph, which proportion can be used to find the number of degrees in the sector for orange sherbet?




54Which graph best represents the relationship shown in the table below?



55Lisa wants to make a long-distance telephone call to her friend. She does not want to spend more than $5.00 on the telephone call. If there is a $0.50 connection fee and a charge of $0.11 per minute, which best represents the number of minutes that Lisa can talk to her friend?




56A sporting-goods store sold a total of 80 backpacks at the beginning of a new school year. Each backpack sold for either $35 or $50, not including tax. If x represents the number of $35 backpacks the store sold, which expression represents the total amount of money in dollars from the sales of the two kinds of backpacks, not including tax?
F35x + 50(x − 80)
G50x + 35(80 − x)
H35x + 50(80 − x)
J50x + 35(x − 80)

57Which equation is the parent function of a quadratic equation?




58The owners of Crispy Sweet Doughnut Shop want to open a shop centrally located to the police station, the high school, the fire station, and the factory.

 Based on the information given, which of the following points best represents the location where the new Crispy Sweet Doughnut Shop should open?
F(9, 12)
G(5, 13)
H(6, 10)
J(8, 13)

59According to the data shown below, which would be the best prediction of the number of passengers at the International Jetport for the year 2008?

A70.1 million
B68.5 million
C74.8 million
D78.0 million

60The illustration below shows a 3-dimensional view of a screw.

 Which of the following best represents a front, a side, or a top view of this screw?




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