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Read the two selections and the viewing and representing piece. Then answer the questions that follow.




Use “The Marble Champ” to answer questions 1–14.

1Read the following dictionary entry.
  Which definition best matches the use of the word fumed in paragraph 5?
ADefinition 1
BDefinition 2
CDefinition 3
DDefinition 4

2Paragraphs 3 and 4 are mainly about —
FLupe’s lack of success at sports
Gthe love Lupe has for physical activities
HLupe’s ability to ride a bike
Jthe difficulty Lupe has when roller-skating

3What is Lupe’s biggest problem in the final match of the girls’ division?
AHer opponent is a poor sport.
BShe does not have enough thumb strength.
CThe wind blows dust into her eyes.
DToo many people have gathered to watch.

4In paragraph 46, the word glumly means

5Which of these is the best plot summary of the story?
AA straight-A student feels embarrassed because she is exceptionally uncoordinated and terrible at sports. She is a slow runner, cannot catch a ball, scores a goal for the opposing team, and still uses training wheels on her bike at age 11. Because she has such low self-esteem in the area of sports, she decides to find a sport at which she can excel.
BA girl attempts to prove herself by entering the marble championship that her brother had entered the year before. She wins matches against a fifth grader and a girl in a baseball cap and then wins the girls’ division. Next she defeats the winner of the boys’ division and goes home with two trophies.
CA girl’s father is pleasantly surprised to learn that his daughter is training for a marble championship even though she has never been very good at sports. He sets up lights in the backyard so she can practice with her brother at night. Although the girl’s father had planned to play racquetball on the day of the tournament, he decides to attend the tournament and support his daughter.
DA girl who has won many awards for her academic achievements is frustrated by her lack of athletic ability. She becomes determined to be a champion marble player and trains tirelessly for a playground tournament two weeks away. Through her newly acquired skills and good sportsmanship, she draws a crowd as she defeats the competition and wins the championship.

6Why is the setting in paragraphs 5 through 8 important to the story?
FThe handmade shelf in Lupe’s room reminds her of her father’s love.
GThe time alone in her room allows Lupe to come up with a solution to her problem.
HThe rainy weather increases Lupe’s feelings of desperation.
JThe security of her home offers Lupe comfort from the teasing of others.

7Lupe’s internal conflict stems from her —
Adisappointment that her parents do not notice her achievements
Benvy of her brother for being a better athlete
Cfear that she will never be good at sports
Ddesire to prove that a girl can defeat a boy in marbles

8Lupe’s match against Alfonso in paragraph 14 is significant because it —
Fpersuades Lupe to compete only against girls in the tournament
Gcauses Alfonso to turn against Lupe out of jealousy
Hundermines Lupe’s growing self-confidence
Jshows that Lupe has a real chance of winning the championship

9In paragraph 32, Mr. Medrano’s promise to come to the marble championship shows that he —
Aprimarily wishes to please his wife
Bloves watching marble competitions
Ctakes Lupe’s goal seriously
Dis sure Lupe has a good chance of winning

10Lupe’s opponent in the final round of the girls’ competition seems serious because —
Fshe never looks at Lupe
Gshe is wearing a baseball cap
Hshe breaks the marbles first
Jshe stamps her foot when losing

11How can the reader tell that Lupe feels a little insecure about her decision to compete in the marble championship?
AShe listens to her brother’s tips on how to shoot marbles.
BShe can do only 10 fingertip push-ups on her first day of training.
CShe squeezes a rubber eraser to strengthen the muscle in her thumb.
DShe does not tell her parents about her plans until her mother notices her thumb.

12Which line best illustrates that the crowd was excited by Lupe’s match with the girl in the baseball cap?
FOnlookers had gathered too tightly around the players.
GThe score was three to two in favor of Miss Baseball Cap.
HHer opponent earned two more before missing.
JIt was now six to six, with only three marbles left.

13In paragraph 14, the author uses repetition to —
Aprovide a transition between scenes
Bpraise Lupe’s natural athletic abilities
Ccreate a poetic rhythm with words
Demphasize Lupe’s dedication to her goal

14The author structures this story by —
Ftelling it from the point of view of an adult recalling her childhood
Gbeginning in the middle of the action and flashing back to what sparked the conflict
Hstating the main character’s problem and then showing how she solves it
Jtelling the story from the point of view of the main character’s father

Use “Fast-Forward” to answer questions 15–27.

15Read the following dictionary entry.
  Which definition best matches the use of the word tough in paragraph 17?
ADefinition 1
BDefinition 2
CDefinition 3
DDefinition 4

16Addis’s adoptive parents met when —
Fthey both worked at the International School in Ethiopia
Ghis father was the vice principal of Hamtramck High School
Hthey attended Grand Rapids Community College
JAddis, Miti, and Eyob were living in the United States

17Which words from paragraph 39 best help the reader understand the meaning of the word transcribe?
Adevelops his ideas
Ba great kid
Cwrite it down
Dgrammar and spelling

18Paragraphs 14 through 16 are mainly about —
FAddis, Miti, and Eyob becoming orphans in Addis Ababa
GAddis and his new family coming to live in the United States
HJerusalem Lothschutz marrying Jim Lothschutz
Jthe siblings enrolling in schools near Grand Rapids

19The reader can tell that Jon Davidson encouraged Addis to begin running with his group after the cross-country season because —
Ahe thought it would get Addis in better shape to play soccer
BAddis would not make the team if he did not practice during the off-season
Che hoped Addis would join the cross-country team during his sophomore year
DAddis could teach running techniques to the others in the group

20Which line from the selection best indicates that Addis is an exceptional athlete?
F“A coach is lucky to have a kid like Addis come around once in a lifetime.”
G“I love running,” Habtewold said.
HHe wants to be a state champion in his first year in the sport. . . .
JHabtewold, who is 5-foot-4 and 115 pounds, has lofty goals.

21The setting is significant in this selection because —
Across-country running is not a popular sport in Grand Rapids
BAddis had to compete in an environment whose culture is new to him
CAddis had to pursue his goal in an unruly and impoverished school
Dthe rugged terrain made long-distance running especially challenging

22In paragraph 16, the words “touch American soil” mean to —
Fbecome a U.S. citizen
Grun with a track team
Hbuild a new home
Jarrive in the United States

23Which line best illustrates Addis’s sense of humor?
ASince moving to the United States, he has learned English well enough to earn As and Bs.
BThe only time he ran, he says, was when he was late to school.
CBut his work ethic and personality most impress his coach and teammates.
DAddis has attacked his classes in the same manner in which he trains.

24The selection provides evidence to show that —
FJon Davidson expected Eyob to become as strong a runner as Addis
GAddis preferred to be a soccer player rather than a runner
HJon Davidson had an important influence in Addis’s life
JAddis would have pursued long-distance running if he had stayed in Ethiopia

25From Patty McCormick’s comments, the reader can infer that —
Ashe respected Addis for the progress he had made as a student
BAddis could not have passed his classes without her help
Cher help gave Addis an excuse not to do his homework
Dshe was assigned to help Addis because he was a star athlete

26The author’s attitude toward Addis can best be described as —

27The author develops the selection mainly by —
Awriting a first-person narrative from Addis’s point of view
Borganizing the information into sections to describe aspects of Addis’s life
Ccomparing Addis’s daily life in Ethiopia with his daily life in the United States
Ddescribing several important events in modern-day Ethiopia

Use “The Marble Champ” and “Fast-Forward” to answer questions 28–30.

28Both selections explore the themes of —
Fsportsmanship and character
Gself-sacrifice and defeat
Hcultural acceptance and heritage
Jpride and arrogance

29The main characters in both selections —
Aare immigrants to the United States
Bdiligently train to achieve a goal
Cdo not recognize their gifts until someone else points them out
Dfail to gain recognition for their achievements

30Unlike Lupe in “The Marble Champ,” Addis in “Fast-Forward” —
Fnever complains about the difficulty of staying committed to his goal
Gdoes not intend to pursue his sport after graduating from high school
His never described as uncertain about his athletic ability
Jis aware of the stress that training can put on his body

Use the visual representation to answer questions 31–33.

31The children in the photograph are included to show that —
Athe game is fun
Bstairs are dangerous
Conly four people can play
Dthe game is fast paced

32The main purpose of the Obstacle Course is to —
Frecreate the excitement of race-car driving
Gentertain children while their parents are away
Hteach children problem-solving strategies
Jexplain the classic game of darts

33At whom is the advertisement aimed?
BCollege students
DManagers of toy stores

Short Answer Questions:
Students were asked to answer the following questions on a separate piece of paper. These questions will NOT be scored as part of the interactive online versions of the released TAKS tests.

34In “The Marble Champ,” why do you think Lupe is so determined to win? Support your answer with evidence from the selection.

35In “Fast-Forward,” what was the biggest challenge that Addis had to overcome? Explain your answer and support it with evidence from the selection.

36How do Lupe in “The Marble Champ” and Addis in “Fast-Forward” show their determination? Support your answer with evidence from both selections.

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