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Read the two selections and the viewing and representing piece. Then answer the questions that follow.




Use “African Time” to answer questions 1–11.

1Read the following dictionary entry.

  Which definition most closely matches the use of the word drew in paragraph 7?
ADefinition 1
BDefinition 2
CDefinition 3
DDefinition 4

2Paragraphs 41 and 42 are mainly about Chief Mbangombe —
Fvisiting all the patients
Gholding his head high
Hwalking slowly and carefully
Jignoring the stinking cesspits

3How does Mrs. Mbangombe know so much about malaria?
AShe visits sick people.
BShe is married to the chief.
CShe is friends with a doctor.
DShe used to be a nurse.

4Which of these is the best plot summary of the story?
FOne day while driving, Chief Mbangombe and his wife notice a couple sitting on the side of the road. The chief stops and learns that the girl wants to take the boy to a hospital to treat his malaria. The chief says that the nearest hospital is too far away and that he is too busy to take them. After he drives away, his wife persuades him to turn around and help the couple. The chief and his wife assure the girl that the boy will recover from his illness, though they secretly worry that he might not be strong enough.
GChief Mbangombe and his wife are driving a girl and a sick boy to the hospital when they decide to stop to get something to eat and drink. All the store’s customers greet the chief enthusiastically, and he takes time to chat with each of them while the girl waits nervously in the truck with the boy. The girl worries that the boy is getting worse, but the chief continues to chat casually with the customers and enjoy his meal.
HSpotting a couple on the side of the road, Chief Mbangombe and his wife pull over and learn that the boy has malaria. The chief tells the girl he is busy and drives away. He changes his mind and returns for the couple at his wife’s suggestion. After driving awhile, the chief stops at a store and chats casually with customers while the girl waits nervously in the truck with the boy. The chief resumes the trip and delivers the couple to the hospital, where he and his wife visit all the sick patients before checking on the couple and making plans to bring them some food.
JAfter dropping off a sick boy and a girl at the local hospital, Chief Mbangombe and his wife decide that as long as they are there, they should visit all the patients. The chief spends a little time speaking with each patient well enough to sit up and talk and even whispers a few words to those who are too ill to speak. The chief and his wife go from one building to the next, paying no attention to the stinking cesspits between the buildings.

5Which aspect of the story is most dependent on the African setting?
AThe girl’s panic
BThe boy’s malaria
CThe doctor’s expertise
DThe wife’s compassion

6In paragraph 11, why is it significant that the boy is shivering despite the heat?
FIt hints at the story’s conclusion.
GIt hints that the chief will offer help.
HIt shows that the girl shouldn’t worry.
JIt shows that the boy is very sick.

7Which sentence best emphasizes the conflict faced by the girl?
AShe pushed the hair out of her face, a tangle of auburn where it caught the light.
BIt was clear she did not want them to stop.
CThe girl didn’t notice when they crept up again.
DShe wiped from her eyes and mouth the dust that the tires had stirred up.

8From the reactions of the chief, his wife, and the doctor, the reader can conclude
that —
Fthey are used to dealing with malaria
Gthey do not care whether the boy dies
Hthey grew up together near the hospital
Jthey will have dinner together that evening

9In paragraph 7, the author uses the words “creaked” and “shuddered” to emphasize the —
Aattitude of the chief
Bcondition of the truck
Cheat of the highway
Dfear of the couple

10Read the following sentence from paragraph 1.

  The author’s use of the word “finally” in the sentence above helps the reader conclude that the white couple has been —
Fsuffering from the heat
Ghaving a hallucination
Hwaiting a long time
Jexpecting the truck

11The reader can conclude that the word “murungus” refers to people who are —
Anot African
Bnot helpful
Cnot healthy
Dnot mature

Use “Guardian Angel” to answer questions 12–22.

12In paragraph 1, the word seasoned means —

13Paragraphs 6 and 7 are mainly about the narrator —
Ataking a train ride
Beating at a pizzeria
Cgetting to know Sinan
Dlearning about Turkish society

14Why did Sinan start running with the women’s luggage in Izmir?
FHe was hurrying to catch a bus.
GHe was eager to leave the women.
HHe was late for a job interview.
JHe was trying to steal their luggage.

15The narrator and her friend faced difficulties at the ferry building because the ticket seller did not —
Alike foreigners
Bspeak English
Caccept checks
Dhave change

16Which sentence best explains what the narrator learned from her experience?
FWe never knew his last name, but we will always remember him as “Sinan, the guardian angel.”
GWe spent hours on the ferry enjoying his company, and took Polaroid pictures of ourselves with him.
HThat night, as I drifted off to sleep, I felt ashamed for having initially judged Sinan by his appearance.
JEleanor and I sat and looked at each other and at the same time said: “He was a guardian angel!”

17Which aspect of the selection affected the narrator most?
AShe was hungry and tired when she reached Izmir.
BShe was on a trip scheduled to last five weeks.
CShe was traveling with a friend.
DShe was traveling in a foreign country.

18Which of these is a major theme in the selection?
FHelping the disadvantaged
GDealing with difficult people
HOvercoming a painful experience
JLearning not to judge too quickly

19In paragraph 9, the author uses the word “stranger” to help the reader understand that she was —
Aworried about her friend Eleanor
Bconfident she would catch the bus
Cstill a little suspicious of Sinan
Dfeeling more relaxed in Turkey

20By telling the story in the order that events occur, the author keeps the reader guessing about —
Fwhy the narrator decided to go to Turkey
Gwhat the narrator liked best about Istanbul
Hhow often the narrator had traveled in the past
Jwhat the narrator learned from the events

21Based on paragraphs 11 and 15, the reader can conclude that Eleanor —
Aremained suspicious of Sinan’s motives
Bshared the narrator’s affection for Sinan
Cwished she had not traveled to Turkey
Dfeared things that were strange or different

22The detailed description of Sinan in paragraph 3 allows the reader to understand the narrator’s —
Fdelight at his insight
Gwariness toward him
Hdifficulty buying tickets
Jdesire to visit Ephesus

Use “African Time” and “Guardian Angel” to answer questions 23–25.

23Which characters from the two selections are most alike?
AThe girl in “African Time” and the ticket seller in “Guardian Angel”
BChief Mbangombe in “African Time” and Eleanor in “Guardian Angel”
CMrs. Mbangombe in “African Time” and Sinan in “Guardian Angel”
DThe doctor in “African Time” and the narrator in “Guardian Angel”

24Which of these describes one similarity between Alice in “African Time” and the narrator in “Guardian Angel”?
FNeither has an opportunity to thank her rescuer.
GNeither learns her rescuer’s last name.
HNeither gets to eat with her rescuer.
JNeither learns about her rescuer’s opinions.

25One idea shared by the two selections is that of —
Athe differences between men and women
Bcompassion toward strangers
Ctribal hierarchies
Dthe beauty of foreign destinations

Use the visual representation to answer questions 26–28.

26Having the winged character around him probably makes the boy feel —

27The first two frames of the comic strip are set in —
Aa kitchen
Bthe living room
Couter space
Dthe boy’s bedroom

28The reader can conclude that Pasquale —
Fcannot read very well
Ghas an overactive imagination
Hrefuses to obey his parents
Jwould rather be watching television


Read the introduction and the passage that follows. Then read each question and mark the circle next to the correct answer.


29What change should be made in sentence 2?
AChange especialy to especially
BChange them to it
CInsert it was after forest
DChange near to nearer

30What change, if any, should be made in sentence 5?
FDelete the comma after old
GChange knew to new
HChange his to their
JMake no change

31What change, if any, should be made in sentence 8?
AChange world war to World War
BDelete the comma after 16
CChange reported to reports
DMake no change

32What is the most effective way to combine sentences 9 and 10?
FHe didn’t cover his vehicle with the traditional camouflage, and he covered it with his own drawings.
GHe didn’t cover his vehicle with the traditional camouflage he covered it with his own drawings.
HInstead of covering his vehicle with the traditional camouflage, he covered it with his own drawings.
JNot covering his vehicle with the traditional camouflage, he covered it with his own drawings.

33What change should be made in sentence 13?
AChange decided to desided
BChange his to their
CInsert a comma after Roy
DChange starts to start

34What transition could be added to the beginning of sentence 18?
JIn fact

35What is the most effective way to rewrite the ideas in sentence 20?
AIn time, one of the most beloved and recognized cartoonists in history, this is what Walter became.
BIn time, Walter became this. One of the most beloved and recognized cartoonists in history.
CIn time, Walter became one of the most beloved and recognized cartoonists in history.
DIn time, becoming one of the most beloved and recognized cartoonists in history.

36What change should be made in sentence 21?
FChange developed to developped
GDelete the comma after movie
HChange colleagues to Colleagues
JChange them to it

37What change should be made in sentence 27?
AChange determining to determination
BInsert a comma after goals
CChange appreciation to apreciation
DChange millions to million’s

38What is the most effective way to improve the organization of the last paragraph (sentences 25–28)?
FSwitch sentences 25 and 26
GDelete sentence 26
HMove sentence 28 so that it follows sentence 26
JDelete sentence 28


39What change, if any, should be made in sentence 1?
AInsert a comma after up
BChange bailey county to Bailey County
CInsert this was after Tournament
DMake no change

40What change, if any, should be made in sentence 5?
FInsert a semicolon after soon
GChange tournament to Tournament
HChange was to is
JMake no change

41How should sentence 7 be revised?
AI glanced up at the prizes, and I noticed each trophy. Glistening in the summer sun.
BGlancing up at the prizes. I noticed that each trophy was glistening in the summer sun.
CI glanced up at the prizes, I noticed that each trophy was glistening in the summer sun.
DGlancing up at the prizes, I noticed that each trophy was glistening in the summer sun.

42What change, if any, should be made in sentence 8?
FInsert it after picture
GChange sat to sitting
HInsert a comma after shelf
JMake no change

43What change, if any, should be made in sentence 9?
AInsert was after daydream
BChange interrupted to interruption
CChange announcement to announcemint
DMake no change

44The meaning of sentence 11 can be clarified by changing the word she to —
Gthe judge
Hmy daydream
Jmy first opponent

45What change, if any, should be made in sentence 16?
AChange and to I
BChange congratulated to congratulating
CChange apparant to apparent
DMake no change

46What change should be made in sentence 22?
FDelete the comma after awarded
GChange respectful to respectfully
HChange applauding to aplauding
JChange was to were

47What change, if any, should be made in sentence 26?
AInsert a comma after grinned
BChange walked to walk
CChange except to accept
DMake no change

48Which of these ideas would be the most effective to add after sentence 28?
FI plan to replace it with the championship trophy next year.
GI am so proud of my accomplishment.
HI don’t really like to display my plaques and trophies.
JForever is a very long time.

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