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1Ms. Ugalde has an 80-acre farm.
  The remaining acres are used for planting oats. Which of the following graphs best represents these data?


2Which point on the number line below is farthest away from ?

FPoint Q
GPoint R
HPoint S
JPoint T

3Which graph best represents the relationship in the table below?



4If the graph of y = 19x 2 + 31 is translated up 15 units, which of the following equations will best describe the resulting graph?
Fy = 34x 2 + 31
Gy = 34x 2 + 46
Hy = 19x 2 + 46
Jy = 19x 2 + 16

5A restaurant sold a total of 418 large and small hamburgers during one day.
Total hamburger sales were $1077. Large hamburgers sold for $3, and small hamburgers sold for $1.50. Which system of linear equations can be used to find l, the number of large hamburgers sold, and s, the number of small hamburgers sold?
Al + s = 1077
3l + 1.50s = 418
Bl + s = 418
3l + 1.50s = 1077
C1.50l + 3s = 418
l + s = 1077
Dl + s = 418
1.50l + 3s = 1077

6The table below shows the number of line segments that can be drawn between a given number of points.

  Which expression can be used to determine the number of line segments that can be drawn between n points?
F n

G n – 1

H n 2 – 2n


7Scientists developed the linear model below to show the relationship between altitude, or elevation above sea level (0 feet), and air temperature.

  According to the model, what would be the air temperature at an altitude of 0 feet?

8Quadrilateral UVWX is shown below.

  If ΔUYX and ΔVZW are similar, which of the following is closest to the area of ΔVZW?
F61 cm 2
G38 cm 2
H30 cm 2
J9 cm 2

9A total of 1755 customers at an electronics store were asked to identify which item they planned to purchase in the next month. The table below shows the results of the survey.

  According to the information above, which of the following statements is true?
A About of the customers planned to purchase a DVD player.
B About of the customers planned to purchase a television.
C About of the customers planned to purchase a laptop computer.

D More than of the customers planned to purchase either a computer or a DVD player.

10Which equation is the parent function of the graph shown below?

F y =

G y =

H y = x 2

J y = x

11During a sale at a shoe store, all shoes were 25% off the original price. Which statement best describes the functional relationship between the sale price of a pair of shoes and the original price?
AThe sale price is dependent on the original price.
BThe original price is dependent on the sale price.
CThe sale price and the original price are independent of each other.
DThe sale price is dependent on the number of pairs of shoes purchased.

12Circle Q has a diameter WY. Point W is located at (3, –2), and point Y is located at (5, –6). Which of the following ordered pairs represents point Q, the center of the circle?
F(8, –8)
G(4, –4)
H(–1.5, 1.5)
J(3, –6)

13Ms. Rodríguez plans to order from 20 to 26 books for her class. The prices of the books she plans to order range from $4.95 to $12.95 each. If the publisher charges a shipping fee of $0.50 per book ordered, which of the following is not a reasonable price for the books, including shipping?

14Barbara graphs a family of equations of the form y = ax 2 + 1. How does each new graph compare to the previous graph as Barbara increases the value of a from to 1 to and finally to 2?
FEach new graph is above the previous graph.
GEach new graph is wider than the previous graph.
HEach new graph is narrower than the previous graph.
JEach new graph is to the right of the previous graph.

15Rectangle PQRS is shown on the grid below.

  Which equation best represents a line that is parallel to PR?
A y = 2x – 5

B y = –2x + 4

C y = x – 2

D y = –x + 7

16Triangle XYZ is shown below.

  What is the length of XY?




17Each square design below is made up of rectangles of equal size. Each rectangle is twice as long as it is wide.

  Within the same design, which of the following is possible?
AA square with a side length of 68 made up of 36 rectangles
BA square with a side length of 80 made up of 40 rectangles
CA square with a side length of 76 made up of 32 rectangles
DA square with a side length of 52 made up of 24 rectangles

18The function y = –3x – 8 is graphed below.

  In the function above, the slope will be multiplied by –2, and the y-value of the
y-intercept will be increased by 2 units. Which of the following graphs best represents the new function?


19Wesley and Delia are playing a math game. Wesley gives Delia these steps to follow.
Step 1 Multiply a number by 6 and then subtract 4.
Step 2 Divide the result by 2.
Step 3 Add 3 to the result from the second step.

  If Delia’s final answer is 19, what was the original number?

Record your answer in the space provided below. Be sure to use the correct place value.

(Your answer must be between 0 and 999.)

20Two quantities, x and y, are in a relationship in which y varies directly with x. The graph of this function contains the point (–16, 28). Which of the following represents this relationship?
F y = x

G y = –x

H y = –x

J y = x

21Kevin saves 20% of his total weekly earnings from his 2 part-time jobs. He earns $5.75 per hour at his first job and $6.55 per hour at his second job. Kevin works 20 hours this week at the first job and 10 hours this week at the second job. What is the amount that he will save this week?

22The diagram below shows a circle inscribed in an isosceles right triangle.

  Which equation best represents the area, A, of the shaded region?
F A = x 2 y 2

G A = x 2 + πy 2

H A = x 2 –πy 2

J A = x 2 – πy 2

23During the second week of summer vacation, Reuben practiced his guitar for
10 minutes less than twice the amount of time he practiced the first week. If he practiced m minutes the first week, which of the following expressions represents the number of minutes that Reuben practiced during the second week?
A2 – 10m
B10 – 2m
C2m – 10
D10m – 2

24The length of a rectangle is 4r 2s 5t 3 units, and the rectangle’s area is 20r 5s 7t 4 square units. If r ≠ 0, s ≠ 0, and t ≠ 0, which of the following best describes the width of the rectangle?
F5r 3s 2t units
G5r 7s 12t 7 units
H16r 3s 2t units
J24r 7s 12t 7 units

25A city bus collected $780 in fares on one day. The price of a regular fare was $0.80, and the price of a discount fare was $0.40. If a total of 1200 people paid the fares on this bus, how many people paid the regular fare?

26The drawing below shows the net of a rectangular prism. Use the ruler on the Mathematics Chart to measure the dimensions of the net to the nearest tenth of a centimeter.

  If the net is folded to form the rectangular prism, which of the following is closest to the prism’s volume?
F17.3 cm 3
G5.8 cm 3
H4.8 cm 3
J10.8 cm 3

27Michelle’s cellular-phone company offers a plan that allows 300 minutes of use for $29.95 per month and charges $0.19 for each additional minute. All prices include tax and fees. Michelle has budgeted $50 per month for calls on her cellular phone. What is the maximum number of minutes that she can use her cellular phone each month without spending more than $50?
A405 min
B105 min
C406 min
D106 min

28Which equation best represents the line graphed below?

F7x + 4y = 35
G4x – 7y = 35
H4x + 7y = –35
J7x – 4y = –35

29A rhombus is shown below.

  If the height, h, intersects the base at its midpoint, which of these is closest to the height of the rhombus?
A0.9 inch
B0.7 inch
C1.4 inches
D1.7 inches

30The figure below shows a square pyramid with a base length of 32 inches and a slant height of 34 inches.

  Which of the following square pyramids is similar to the square pyramid above?


31The function below shows a relationship between x and y.
y = 7x + 3

  If the value of x increases by 1, what happens to the value of y?
AThe value of y increases by 3.
BThe value of y increases by 7.
CThe value of y increases by 10.
DThe value of y increases by 21.

32At an ice-cream shop, customers can order a sundae with 1 type of ice cream, 1 type of sauce, and 1 type of topping. The types of ice cream, sauces, and toppings offered are shown below.

  If each type of ice cream, sauce, and topping is equally likely to be selected, what is the probability that a customer will order a sundae with vanilla ice cream, caramel sauce, and walnuts?




33ΔABC has vertices A (–2, 5), B (–2, 2), and C (–5, 2).

  If ΔABC is reflected across the line y = x, which of the following will be the coordinates of A′?
A(–2, –5)
B(5, –2)
C(2, 5)
D(–5, 2)

34Carl was asked to solve the problem shown in the box below.

  Which of the following could Carl do to solve the problem correctly?
FAdd the dimensions given in feet
GMultiply each dimension given in feet by 2 inches
HConvert 2 inches into 24 feet
JConvert the dimensions of the box from feet to inches

35The figure below shows circle P and circle Q. PQ, QR, and RS are each 3 units long.

  What is the area of the shaded region in terms of π?

36Which of the following nets forms a triangular pyramid?




37The table below shows how many triangles are formed when all the diagonals are drawn from one vertex in different regular polygons.

  Based on the table, which of the following statements is true?
AAll the triangles formed in each regular polygon are congruent.
BAll the triangles formed in each regular polygon are isosceles.
CThe number of triangles formed in any regular polygon is 2 less than the number of sides in the polygon.
DThe number of triangles formed in any regular polygon is half the number of sides in the polygon.

38In Figure 1 a cylinder with a diameter of 12 centimeters is filled with water to a height of 8 centimeters.

  In Figure 2 a rock is submerged in the cylinder.

  Which of the following is closest to the volume of the rock?
F139 cm 3
G418 cm 3
H1674 cm 3
J1323 cm 3

39Which of the following expressions is equivalent to the expression
–5x(2x + 7y) + 7xy – 4x(y + 3)?
A–10x 2 + 7y + 3xy + 3
B–10x 2 + 38xy + 12x
C–10x 2 – 32xy – 12x
D–10x 2 – 38xy + 12x

40Chan drew the following design.

  He then used the design to create the pattern below.

  What type of transformation did Chan use to create his pattern?

41The diagram below represents a sector of a circle.

  Which of the following is closest to the length of if the central angle is 75° and the radius of the circle is 36 inches?
A23.6 in.
B47.1 in.
C179.1 in.
D89.5 in.

42Dominique created a pattern using right triangles. She started the pattern with an isosceles right triangle, with each leg measuring 1 unit. The hypotenuse of each successive triangle follows a pattern, as shown in the diagram below.

  If Dominique continues this pattern 5 more times, which of the following would be the measure of the final hypotenuse?
F units

G units

H units

J units

43What is the solution set for the equation 2x 2 – 16x – 96 = 0?
A{4, 12}
B{–4, 12}
C{–4, –12}
D{4, –12}

44The function table shows the values of f(n) for given values of n.

  Which function best represents the relationship between the quantities in the table?
F f(n) = n +

G f(n) = 2n

H f(n) =

J f(n) =

45Denise can assemble a chair in 0.75 hour and a table in 0.4 hour. Which inequality best represents the number of chairs, c, and the number of tables, t, that Denise can assemble in one day if she works a maximum of 8 hours?
A(0.75 + 0.4)(c + t) ≤ 8
B0.75c + 0.4t ≥ 8
C0.75c + 0.4t ≤ 8
D(0.75 + c) + (0.4 + t) ≥ 8

46For a regular pentagonal prism, what is the ratio of the number of vertices to the number of edges?

47Two car-rental companies are advertising special rates for a midsize car. Wendell’s Motor Rentals is advertising a rate of $35 a day plus $0.20 per mile traveled, tax included. Marina’s Car Rentals is advertising a rate of $25 a day plus $0.40 per mile traveled, tax included. Which graph correctly compares the cost of renting a midsize car for one day from each company?


48Nisha can solve a set of 5 math problems in 12 minutes. At this rate, how long will it take her to solve 20 sets of 7 math problems?
F58 minutes
G5 hours 16 minutes
H48 minutes
J5 hours 36 minutes

49For any negative integers m, n, p, and q, which of the following is always true if
mn < pq?
Aq > m
Bmn > –pq
Cn < –p
Dnq < mp

50The front and right-side views of a figure made of identical cubes are shown below.

  Which 3-dimensional figure is best represented by the two views above?


51Which expression represents the perimeter of the triangle below?

A 3x + 4


C 2x + 2

D x 2 + 2x

52What is the slope of the linear equation 101x + 53y = 12?




53The rectangle below has a perimeter of 18 feet with a length of 6 feet.

  A new rectangle is formed by decreasing the width of the original rectangle by 1 foot and keeping the length the same. How will the perimeter of the new rectangle compare with the perimeter of the original rectangle?
AThe perimeter of the new rectangle will be 3 feet shorter than the perimeter of the original rectangle.
BThe perimeter of the new rectangle will be 2 feet shorter than the perimeter of the original rectangle.
CThe perimeter of the new rectangle will be 1 foot shorter than the perimeter of the original rectangle.
DThe perimeter of the new rectangle will be foot shorter than the perimeter of the original rectangle.

54The table below shows the value of a term in a given position in a sequence of numbers that follows a pattern.

  Which expression best represents the value of the nth term?




55Jalen needs to earn an average of $120 a week from his part-time job by the end of his 4th week. His first 3 weekly paychecks were for $95, $145, and $130. Which equation can Jalen use to find how much he must earn in the 4th week in order to meet his goal?




56How many vertices does the polyhedron below have?

JNot here

57Francis, Leon, and Shelby are running for president of their school’s student council. A random survey of 60 students was taken to determine whom they planned to vote for in the election. The results are shown in the table below.

  Based on the data in the table, which of the following is the best prediction of the number of students who will vote for Leon if 2500 students vote?

58The graph below represents the relationship between the density of water and the temperature of water.

  According to the graph, which of the following intervals best represents the temperature at which the density of water is greater than 999.9 kilograms per cubic meter?
FLess than 1°C
GBetween 0°C and 4°C
HBetween 4°C and 8°C
JBetween 1°C and 7°C

59The graph of –x + 5y = 9 is shown below.

  Which point represents a solution to this equation?
A(0, 1)
B(2, 1)
C(1, 2)
D(–7, 0)

60The height in centimeters, h(x), of a human female of European ancestry can be estimated by multiplying the length of the tibia in centimeters, x, by 2.90 and then adding 61.53 to the product. Which of the following best represents this relationship?
F h(x) = (2.90 + x)(61.53)

G h(x) = 2.90(x + 61.53)

H h(x) = 2.90x + 61.53

J h(x) = + 61.53

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