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Read each question and choose the best answer. Then mark the circle next to the letter for the answer you have chosen.

1Maria is mowing lawns to earn money.
  How many lawns must Maria mow to earn at least $200?

2Which graph best represents the relationship shown in the table below?



3Given the function y = x 2 + 4, what is the value of y when x = 6?

4Kyle made a mistake and wrote a check for more money than he had in his checking account. Kyle’s bank is charging him a fee of $25 plus 5% of the amount of the check. Which expression below represents the total amount the bank is charging Kyle for writing the check for x dollars?
F25 − 0.05x
G25 + 0.05x
H25x + 0.05x

5Ann rides a bike 15 minutes more than the number of minutes she walks.
  Which equation best represents the number of minutes Ann rides a bike?
Aw = b + 15
Bb = w + 15
Cw = −15b

6Latrelle has a cylindrical container for her jewelry. The container has a volume of 1810 cubic centimeters and a height of 10 centimeters.

  Which of these is a correct step for finding the radius of this container?
FDivide 1810 by 10π
GAdd 10 to π
HSquare 10

7Which best describes the relationship of the two lines represented by the equations y = x + 3 and y = 2x + 3?

AThe lines intersect at the point with coordinates (1, 3).
BThe lines cross the y-axis at the same point.
CThe lines are parallel.

8The following scores represent Brittany’s algebra grades:

  If the highest and lowest grades are removed, which measure of data will change?

9Mr. Duncan rested his ladder against the top of a wall.

  Which is closest to l, the length of the ladder?
A22 ft
B18 ft
C13 ft

10Mr. Ortiz plans to buy a CD.
  Which inequality can he use to determine p, the maximum price of a CD he can buy and stay within his spending limit?
Fp + 0.08p ≤ 15
Gp − 0.08p < 15
Hp + 0.08p ≥ 15

11What is the range of the function y = x 2 − 5 if the domain is {2, 3, 4}?
A{−3, −2, −1}
B{−9, −14, −21}
C{−1, 4, 11}

12The function y = x 2 + 2 is transformed to create the function y = x 2 + 4.

  Each point on the curve of the first function has been shifted —
F2 units up
G2 units down
H2 units to the right

13Which equation best represents the graph shown below?

Ay = −4x + 5
By = 5x + 4
Cy = 4x + 5

14The graph represents the amounts of funding for public education provided by 3 sources from 1993 to 1996.

  Based on the data shown, which conclusion is correct?
FFederal funding decreased.
GLocal/other funding stayed the same.
HState funding increased.

15Look at the figures below. Quadrilateral KLMN is similar to quadrilateral RSTU.

  What is the perimeter of quadrilateral RSTU in centimeters?
A30 cm
B75 cm
C24 cm

16What is the x-intercept for this graph?

F(−2, 4)
G(0, −2)
H(4, 0)

17Look at the table below. It shows the total weight of a milk carton and the milk it contains at different levels as the carton is filled.

  Which equation best represents w, the total weight of the milk and the carton, as a function of v, the volume of the milk?
Aw = 3 − 2v
Bw = 3 + 2v
Cw = 123 + 2v

18Which of the following graphs best represents a line with an undefined slope?


19Look at the grid below.

  Which coordinate pair represents the intersection of line k and line m?
A(−4, 6)
B(4, −5)
C(−4, −5)

20A light company randomly tests the lights it makes.
  Based on this information, which is the best prediction of the number of lights that will not work if the company makes 8500 lights?

21Last week Harry’s gas station sold regular and premium gasoline.
  Which is closest to the total number of gallons of gasoline sold at the station last week?
A2,500 gal
B10,400 gal
C15,620 gal

22Look at the cylinder below.

  Which is closest to the lateral surface area of the cylinder represented by the model above?
F471 cm 2
G157 cm 2
H314 cm 2

23In games so far this season, a high school football player has run a total of 720 yards. Which inequality can be used to find x, the number of yards he must run in his next game in order to have run at least 825 yards?
A720 + x ≥ 825
B825 + x ≥ 720
C720 − x ≥ 825

24The graph of rectangle HLTZ with vertices H (−1, 2), L (1, 2), T (1, −2), and Z (−1, −2) is shown below.

  Which figure best represents the dilation of rectangle HLTZ by a scale factor of 2, using the origin as the center of dilation?


25Which expression is equivalent to 7(−3n + 5) + 4(6n)?
A3n + 12
B3n + 35
C45n + 35

26Which statement about the triangles below is true?

FThe triangles are equiangular triangles.
GThe triangles are acute triangles.
HThe triangles are right triangles.

27Which table best describes points on the line graphed below?



28If the lengths of the sides of a triangle are cut in half and a new triangle is created, which of these would be true?

F The perimeter of the new triangle would be the original perimeter.

G The perimeter of the new triangle would be the original perimeter.

H The perimeter of the new triangle would be the original perimeter.

29In the repeating decimal equivalent to , there is a pattern. The first 6 digits after the decimal point are shown below.

  Based on this information, which digit is in the 12th position after the decimal point?

30Which of the following best represents a line that contains the point (−4, 5) and has a slope of ?


31A builder made scale models of both the Empire State Building and the Sears Tower.

  Which of these is closest to the actual height of the Sears Tower?
A1360 ft
B1448 ft
C1079 ft

32The function c = 5 + 2h can be used to determine c, the cost of renting a bike for h hours. Based on this function, which of the following statements is true?
FIt costs $15 to rent a bike for 5 hours.
GIt costs $5 per hour to rent a bike.
HIt costs $2 to rent a bike for 1 hour.

33Quadrilateral TUVW is shown on the grid below.

  If quadrilateral TUVW is reflected across the x-axis, what will be the coordinates of point U′?
A(−2, −6)
B(−4, −2)
C(2, 6)

34Look at the drawing below. It shows that ΔPTW is a right triangle formed by joining 3 squares at their vertices.

  What is the area of the shaded square?
F5 in.2
G25 in.2
H18 in.2

35Kurt bought an ice-cream cone. The drawing below shows the dimensions of the cone.

  Which of the following is closest to the volume of the cone?
A528 cm 3
B151 cm 3
C1583 cm 3

36Which of these is equivalent to ?
Fx 7y 10
Gx 7y 4
Hx 3y 4

37Hector and Chris are friends.
  Chris’s weight can be represented by c, and Hector’s weight can be represented by h. Which system of equations can be used to determine their weights?
Ac = 2 + h
c + h = 314
Bc = 2 − h
ch = 314
Cc = 2 − h
hc = 314

38Look at the rectangles below.

  Which statement about these rectangles must be true?
FThe perimeter of rectangle M is 8 units less than the perimeter of rectangle N.
GThe area of rectangle M is 16 square units less than the area of rectangle N.
HThe perimeter of rectangle M is 16 units less than the perimeter of rectangle N.

39Which of the following best represents a top and front view of the 3-dimensional figure shown below?




40Juanita made a scatterplot of a set of data comparing the height and age of 20 children in her neighborhood. Juanita found a positive trend in the data. Which statement best describes the data?
FAs the age of the children decreased, their height increased.
GAs the age of the children increased, their height increased.
HAs the age of the children increased, their height remained constant.

41Miss Carpenter is planning a party for her friends. Each friend may bring a guest. A restaurant will provide the food.
  What additional information does Miss Carpenter need in order to ensure that she will not spend more than $700?
AThe amount of tax that will be added to the bill
BThe number of people who can attend on a budget of $500
CThe number of people who will attend the party

42The graph of y = x 2 − 2 is shown below.

  If the graph is translated 5 units down, what will be the equation of the new graph?
Fy = x 2 + 3
Gy = x 2 − 7
Hy = 5x 2 − 2

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