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Read each selection. Then read each question that follows that selection. Decide which is the best answer to each question. Mark the space for the answer you have chosen.



1Read the sentence below from paragraph 4.
I couldn't even answer my own moher.

  Which of these conclusions is best supported by this sentence?
AThe narrator did not hear his mother.
BThe narrator is too upset to talk.
CThe narrator is trying to help his mother relax.


2In paragraph 6, the word corridor refers to a —


3In paragraph 13, why does the author use the word “time-out”?
ATo show that Mrs. Smith is praising Craig
BTo show that Mrs. Smith is warning Craig
CTo show that Mrs. Smith is encouraging Craig

4From the information in this section, what can the reader conclude about Mr. Luther?
FHe is another teacher.
GHe is Craig’s father.
HHe is the principal.

5In paragraph 14, why does the author compare Craig to a marine?
ATo emphasize Craig’s talent
BTo emphasize Craig’s appearance
CTo emphasize Craig’s imagination


6In paragraph 22, why does the author use the word “glob”?
FTo show that the mustard is messy
GTo show that the mustard is yellow
HTo show that the mustard is smelly

symbolism–when an author uses objects in a story to stand for ideas

7What does the turkey sandwich symbolize to the narrator?
AThe feeling that he is different
BThe feeling that he is better than others
CThe feeling that he is not lucky


8What are paragraphs 27 and 28 mainly about?
FThe narrator and Craig are still close friends.
GThe narrator and Craig share many problems.
HThe narrator and Craig play sports together.

9In paragraph 28, why does the author capitalize the word “Loyalty”?
ATo show that he is being humorous
BTo emphasize its importance
CTo indicate that it is being repeated in the selection


10In paragraph 30, why does the narrator’s fiancée compare his relationship with Craig to a married couple’s relationship?
FTo emphasize the years that have passed since they met
GTo emphasize the amount of time they spend on the phone
HTo emphasize the distance between their respective homes

11In paragraph 33, the author uses the phrase “it’s as if I’m both 7 and 28” to emphasize that —
Ahe has not changed
Bhe has become more mature
Che wants more friends

Use the whole story “A Standing Union” to answer questions 12–15.

12Events in the selection take place in —
Fthe future
Gthe narrator’s house
Hthe past and present

13Where would this selection be most likely to appear?
AIn a book featuring stories about friendship
BIn a newsletter for school principals
CIn a newspaper article about rude kids

14What is one thing that makes the author a credible source for this selection?
FHe is writing about events that he learned about.
GHe is writing about events that he experienced himself.
HHe is writing about events that rarely happen.

conflict–the main problem in a story

15The narrator’s conflict is mainly —
Awith his teacher
Bwith himself
Cwith his mother



16Why doesn’t Jill’s car have air-conditioning?
FCars did not have air-conditioning when Jill’s car was built.
GThe air conditioner is broken, and Jill can’t afford to fix it.
HThe car was bought in a state where air-conditioning isn’t important.


17Paragraphs 6 and 7 are mainly about Jill —
Awaiting for her mother to help her learn how to drive
Bdescribing what her mother does for a living
Cimagining how to drive on the freeway

18Read the following dictionary entry.
clutch n 1. a nest of eggs 2. a lever or a pedal 3. a woman's small handbag

  Which definition best matches the use of the word clutch in paragraph 7?
FDefinition 1
GDefinition 2
HDefinition 3


19In paragraph 13, when Jill sees Mrs. Henager’s face “ignite in surprise,” it means that Mrs. Henager —
Achanges her expression suddenly
Bdrops her makeup in her lap
Cturns red with embarrassment


20Why does Mom think it is safe for Jill to pull into the Logans’ driveway?
FBecause no cars are in the way
GBecause they know the family
HBecause it is close to the mailboxes


21What does Jill feel when she thinks the globe will fall on the car?

22What is one reason that Jill crashes into the brick pillar near the Logans’ driveway?
FShe is distracted by the other cars on the street.
GShe doesn’t realize that there is something in her way.
HShe is stepping on the gas pedal instead of the brake.

23The author includes paragraph 27 to make the story more —


24Why isn’t Mom angry about the accident?
FShe knows that Jill has learned a valuable lesson.
GShe knows that the Logans have moved.
HShe knows that the car is very old.

25In paragraph 29, why does the author use the words “serious, sad, and shaking” to describe Jill?
ATo show her feelings when she sees the car
BTo show her inability to control the steering wheel
CTo show her reaction to the car accident

Use the whole story “Behind the Wheel at High Noon” to answer questions 26–30.

26By the end of the story, what can the reader conclude about Jill?
FShe is determined to continue practicing.
GShe is disappointed in her mother’s teaching.
HShe is thrilled by the day’s adventure.

point of view–whether the story is told by one of the characters or by someone who is not in the story

27What does the author’s use of first-person point of view do?
AHelps the reader understand Mom’s attitude about teaching Jill to drive
BHelps the reader understand Jill’s strong desire to get her driver’s license
CHelps the reader understand the unexpected things that happen in the story

28Which of these is the best plot summary of the story?
FJill’s mother works during the mornings and can only take Jill driving during the heat of the day. Jill’s mother is an artist and makes drawings for catalogs. She often gets her ideas in the morning, which causes Jill to have to wait for her. Once she finally is able to take Jill driving, she does not let her drive on the freeway.
GJill begins learning how to drive when her mother takes her out in the family car. While they are out, Jill causes a neighbor to spill her coffee while driving. Jill’s mother rushes out of the car to apologize to the neighbor, who is not happy with either Jill or her mother. Jill’s mom talks with the neighbor, who then forgives Jill.
HJill is old enough to drive, so she asks her mother to help her learn in preparation for her driver’s test. After waiting patiently for her mother, Jill begins her driving lessons in the heat of the day. After making two mistakes, Jill is upset and nervous. Her mother reassures her that she will do fine if she continues to practice driving.

theme–a statement about life that the author communicates in the story

29Which of these best states a major theme of the story?
AThe engine dies, and I look up with horror at the huge round globe wobbling on top of the pillar.
B“If you fall off a horse . . . and don’t break anything or get hurt too bad, then the best thing to do is to get right back on the horse.”
CI can tell from the look she gives me that she knows I’m joking.

30Which word best describes Jill’s mother?

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