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Read each question and choose the best answer. Then mark the circle next to the letter for the answer you have chosen.

1Look at the scatterplots below. Which best represents a negative trend?



2Look at the drawing below. It shows 3 squares that intersect to form a right triangle.

  What is the area of square III?



3Look at the table below. It shows values of x and y.

  Which equation describes the relationship between x and y, as shown in the table?



4Look at lines p, r, and t. They intersect as shown below.
Lines p and r are not parallel.

  Based on this information, which of the following statements is always true?
F 2 and 8 are congruent.

G 5 and 7 are congruent.

H 4 and 8 are congruent.

5Which scale factor was used to transform ΔMNO to Δ M′N′O′?



C 3

6The ratio of the number of females to the total number of students at Olympia High School is 7 to 12. Which best represents the number of females if the total number of students is 576?

7What is the solution to 2x − 18 < −36?
Ax < 0
Bx < −9
Cx < −27

8The net of a right triangular prism is shown below. Use the ruler on the Mathematics Chart to measure the dimensions of the net to the nearest centimeter.

  Which is closest to the total surface area of this right triangular prism?
F48 cm 2
G36 cm 2
H12 cm 2

9Joan wants to pay for summer camp. Before camp she plans to work 40 hours a week for 6 weeks to earn the $1,305 she needs. What is the lowest hourly rate she can earn to save at least $1,305?

10The square tiles below show 3 stages in an increasing pattern.

  Which expression can be used to find the number of square tiles in any stage if n = number of a stage?
F7n − 1
G5n 2 + 1
Hn 2 + 5

11Look at the graph below.

  Which equation best describes the graph of the line?



12Look at the bar graph below. It shows the length of different beetles in millimeters.

  Which measure best describes the difference in length between the shortest and the longest beetle?

13Two cylinders are shown below. The dimensions of one of them are labeled.

  When each dimension of the smaller cylinder is changed by a scale factor of 3, the larger cylinder is created. Which is closest to the volume of the larger cylinder?
A2,714 in.3
B402 in.3
C10,857 in.3

14Which of the following best represents the right-side view of this 3-dimensional object?




15Look at point W on the grid below.

  Which ordered pair best represents the location of point W?
A (−2, −3)

B (−, −3)

C (−, −)

16The graph below shows Brittany’s estimated monthly college expenses.

  Which table best represents the central angle of each sector of the graph?


17 Mrs. Singh asked her students to find an expression that is equal to . Which student response is correct?
A6x 6y 8
B4x 2y 3
C4x 2y 4

18The horizontal and the vertical distance between each peg on the geoboard shown below represents 1 unit.

  Which is closest to the area of the polygon modeled on the geoboard?
F16 units 2
G21 units 2
H12 units 2

19Today is Marietta’s birthday. Her age is 10 years less than half her father’s age. Which expression can be used to find Marietta’s age if f represents her father’s age?
A (10 − f)

B f − 10

C (f − 10)

20Which inequality best represents the graph shown below?

Fy −5
Gy > −5
Hy < −5

21If y is directly proportional to x and y = 24 when x = 16, what is the value of y when x = 6?

22Nelson chose a 1-year contract for a new cell-phone plan. The plan includes 2 separate fees.

  If m represents the number of minutes used, which equation can be used to determine t, the plan’s total cost in dollars for 1 year?
Ft = 12(39) + 5m
Gt = 12(39 + 5)m
Ht = 12(39) + 0.05m

23Which of the following statements is true about the right triangle shown below?

A mT = mR when RS = 5 and TS = 5.

B mT > mR when RS = 4 and TS = 5.

C T and R are supplementary when RS = 5 and TS = 4.

24An architect made a scale model of a building. The model is similar to the building.
  What are the width and length of the model?
F 15 in. by 20 in.

G in. by 15 in.

H 45 in. by 60 in.

25Which table best represents the function y = 2x − 6?



26Look at point R on the grid below.

  Which is a reflection of point R across the x-axis followed by the translation (x + 3, y − 1)?


27Look at the cone below.

  Which equation best represents V, the volume of the cone in terms of π?
A V = π(2r) 2(r)

B V = πr 2(2r)

C V = π(3r)2

28Lorraine was in a race.
  Which equation can be used to find x, the total length of the race in kilometers?
F x = x + 2.5

G x = −x + 2.5

H x = x + 2.5

29Which of the following represents the vertex of the graph of the equation y = x 2 − 4x + 3?

A(2, −1)
B(2, 0)
C(3, 0)

30A local restaurant was framing a mirror in the shape of a pentagon.

  How much did the frame for the restaurant’s mirror cost before tax?

31Look at the table below. It shows the number of bags of different types of potato chips that were purchased during lunchtime.

  Which conclusion can be best supported by the information in the table?
AThe range of the number of bags of chips purchased is 24.
BThe number of bags of sour cream chips purchased was twice the number of bags of cheese chips purchased.
CThe number of bags of ranch chips purchased was half the number of bags of regular chips purchased.

32Mr. Howard has a total budget of $950 for computer programs and calculators.
  Which is a reasonable number of computer programs and calculators that Mr. Howard can purchase?
F15 programs and 10 calculators
G15 programs and 20 calculators
H20 programs and 10 calculators

33 Which of the lines graphed below appears to have a
slope of −?



34Ms. Allen is ordering tiles to cover a wall.
  What additional information does Ms. Allen need to determine how many tiles to order?
FThe size of the tiles she will use
GThe height of the wall
HThe color of the tiles

35Mrs. Martínez has a front yard shaped like a rectangle.

  The width of the yard is 18 feet, and the length of the diagonal of the yard is 30 feet. What is the perimeter of the yard?
A432 ft
B84 ft
C42 ft

36Central High School assigns points for every grade a student earns in a class. The point value assigned for each grade is shown in the table below.

  Bill had the following grades on his report card.

  A student’s grade-point average can be found by dividing the sum of the student’s grade points by the number of courses the student took. Which of the following best describes how Bill’s grade-point average should be computed?
F(2 times the number of A’s, plus 3 times the number of B’s, plus 4 times the number of C’s) divided by 4
G(2 plus 3 plus 4) divided by 4
H(4 times the number of A’s, plus 3 times the number of B’s, plus 2 times the number of C’s) divided by 4

37The graph of a quadratic function is shown on the grid below.

  Which best represents the x-intercepts of the graph of this function?
A(0, 6), (2, −2)
B(1, 0), (3, 0)
C(2, 0), (3, 0)

38A soccer team wants to attend a sports camp.
  Which equation best represents t, the total cost for a team with n players to attend the sports camp?
Ft = 250 + 87n
Gt = 262 + 87n
Ht = 250 + 75n

39What is the solution for the following system of linear equations?

A(1, 2)
B(2, 0)
C(0, 4)

40At a playground children climb in and out of an open concrete cylinder. The cylinder is sketched below.

  Which value is closest to the lateral surface area of the cylinder?
F13 ft 2
G75 ft 2
H100 ft 2

41How is the graph of y = 2x 2 different from the graph of
y = −3x 2?
AThe graph of y = 2x 2 opens downward and is wider than the graph of y = −3x 2.
BThe graph of y = 2x 2 opens downward and is narrower than the graph of y = −3x 2.
CThe graph of y = 2x 2 opens upward and is wider than the graph of y = −3x 2.

42Which expression is equivalent to
5(−4x 2 + 5x) + 8(3x 2 − 2x − 5)?
F4x 2 + 9x − 40
G2x 2 − 13
H12x 2 + 16x + 3

43If the dimensions of a rectangle are enlarged by a scale factor of 4, what will be the effect on the area of the rectangle?
AThe new area will be 16 times as large as the original area.
BThe new area will be 2 times as large as the original area.
CThe new area will be 8 times as large as the original area.

44If k is a function of t, which statement best describes the functional relationship in the equation k = t + 9?
FThe value of t is dependent on k.
GThe value of k is dependent on t.
HThe values of k and 9 are dependent on t.

45Look at trapezoid PRST graphed on the grid below.

  Which of the following segments of trapezoid PRST has endpoints (−3, −3) and (3, −4)?
 B RS 
 C PT 

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