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Read each question and choose the best answer. Then mark the circle next to the letter for the answer you have chosen.

1Which tool should be used to determine the volume of an irregularly shaped rock?



2Which of these is most likely an example of a genetic trait?
FA broken tooth in a squirrel
GA split skin on an apple
HGreen eye color in a cat

3Look at the food web below.

  Which of the following food chains is possible within this food web?



4Tobacco use was once thought to be harmless. Today tobacco use is strongly discouraged. Which of these is most responsible for the change in attitude?
FScientific studies linking tobacco use with certain food preferences
GScientific studies linking tobacco use with an increase in some diseases
HScientific studies showing the effect a virus has on tobacco plants

5Look at the graph below. It shows the speed that two waves traveled.

  At about what speed did the P wave travel?
A3.8 kilometers per second
B4.7 kilometers per second
C7.8 kilometers per second

6A mutation in DNA that involves a change in a nucleotide most likely results in a change in the structure of a —

7Look at the graph below. It represents the development of different organisms over time.

  Which information is best supported by the graph?
AArchaebacteria have become extinct.
BProtists are the oldest organisms.
CAnimals were the last organisms to evolve.

8Potassium chloride (KCl) crystals are added to a beaker of water. Some of the crystals do not dissolve immediately. Which of these actions would cause the remaining crystals to dissolve most quickly?
FRemoving some water
GCovering the beaker
HStirring the water

9In 1859 a small number of rabbits were introduced into Australia. Ten years later the number of rabbits had greatly increased. What is one reason the number of rabbits grew so quickly?
AThe rabbits had few predators.
BThe rabbits had limited food supplies.
CThe rabbits had parasites in their fur.

10A golf ball on the ground was hit by a golf club. The ball traveled 25 meters in 0.0005 second (s). What was the average speed of the golf ball?

F1.25 meters per second
G50,000 meters per second
H0.0002 meter per second

11What does cytosine bond with in a molecule of DNA?


12Look at the table below. It shows the results of a study in which healthy individuals were tested for the presence of the S. pneumoniae bacterium. The bacterium S. pneumoniae can cause pneumonia.

  Which statement is best supported by these data?
FChildren are resistant to the S. pneumoniae bacterium.
GThe S. pneumoniae bacterium is most common in young children.
HThe S. pneumoniae bacterium becomes more common as children get older.

13Millions of species of organisms are present on Earth today. Which process is most responsible for the variety of species on Earth today?

14The diagrams above show two types of seismic waves. Based on these diagrams, which of the following statements is true?
FBoth P waves and S waves are transverse waves.
GBoth P waves and S waves are longitudinal waves.
HP waves are longitudinal waves, and S waves are transverse waves.

15Which of the following equations is balanced correctly?



16Which organ system has to work much harder when a person moves from a town near sea level to a town on a tall mountain?
FEndocrine system
GCirculatory system
HNervous system

17A fish found in Asia is shown in the illustration below.

  Measure the length of the fish with your ruler. Use the scale to convert this length to the length of the real fish. Which is closest to the length of the real fish?
A1.0 centimeter
B11 centimeters
C15 centimeters

18Two basketball players are pulling on a basketball at the same time. For a moment the ball does not move, even though forces are being applied to it. Which best explains why the ball does not move?
FThe players apply equal forces in opposite directions.
GThe total forces acting on the ball are equal to the ball’s mass.
HThe frictional forces acting on the ball are greater than the ball’s mass.

19Look at the diagram below. It represents a DNA fingerprint of a genetically changed seed from a cotton plant.

  Which plant most likely grew from the genetically changed seed?
APlant 1
BPlant 2
CPlant 3

20Which best explains why a person can get food poisoning from eating chicken that is not completely cooked?
FHeat is necessary to activate the stomach lining.
GUndercooked meat is high in protein.
HHeat is necessary to kill harmful bacteria.

21Which of these can surround and destroy bacteria?
AWhite blood cells
BIntestinal villi

22Look at the table below. It shows carbohydrate information for an energy bar.

  What percentage of the total carbohydrate content is from starches?

23Which explains why water pipes can break in freezing weather?
AMelting ice absorbs heat energy from its surroundings.
BWater needs more space as a solid (ice) than as a liquid.
CEnergy is exchanged quickly as water changes to ice.

24The diagram below shows the structure of a virus.

  Scientists hope to develop a drug that will remove the tail from this virus. How would a drug that removes the tail from this virus be effective in treating diseases caused by this virus?
FThe DNA of the virus could not get into the host cells.
GThe nucleic acids inside the virus would be digested by enzymes.
HThe virus would be able to make replacement proteins.

25Look at the table below. It shows the results of an experiment designed to study the effects of a fertilizer on tomato plants.

  Which of these was most likely the experimental variable?
AStarting plant height
BExposure to sunlight
CFertilizer concentration

26When a cookie is eaten, what part of the digestive process causes a mainly physical change?
FThe action of enzymes
GSaliva breaking down starches
HChewing and swallowing

27Look at the circuit diagram below.

  What is the current running through the resistor in the diagram?
A0.50 ampere
B0.75 ampere
C2.3 amperes

28A cardboard square was placed on a section of healthy green grass. After one week this section of grass looked yellow. Why did the grass change color?
FThe guard cells stayed closed.
GThe recessive genes were expressed.
HThere was a change in chlorophyll activity.

29A balance is shown in the illustration below.

  How should the mass of the block be recorded?
A373 grams
B373.35 grams
C7303 grams

30Scientists are examining muscle cells in a group of ducks. The scientists want to find the genetic differences between each duck in the group. What should the scientists compare to find out how each duck is different?
FThe number of chromosomes
GThe number of sections of cell
HThe DNA sequences in a gene

31The chemical reaction inside a car battery is shown below. The mass of each substance is given in kilograms (kg).

  How much PbSO4 does the battery produce when discharging?
A1.95 kg
B2.93 kg
C3.27 kg

32Look at the graph below. It shows how skin temperature changes when a person is exposed to a hotter environment.

  Which is most likely the reason for the decrease in skin temperature after the first three minutes in the hotter environment?
FThe body produces sweat.
GThe body’s metabolism increases.
HThe body loses salt.

33Look at the mass in grams (g) and volume in milliliters (mL) of the liquid before and after a metal ball was dropped into the liquid.

  According to this information, what is the density of the metal ball in grams per milliliter?
A0.2 g/mL
B0.4 g/mL
C2.5 g/mL

34One way that bacteria help the human body to work properly is to help with —
Fdigestive processes
Grespiratory processes
Hneurological processes

35Look at the table below. Different amounts of calcium chloride crystals were added to an uncovered beaker of water. The table shows temperature changes in the solution after the crystals were added.

  Which conclusion is supported by the data in the table?
AThe crystals floated on the surface.
BA decrease in boiling point occurred.
CSome energy was released as the crystals dissolved.

36To maintain homeostasis, the body’s response to higher carbon dioxide (CO2) levels in the blood is —
Fan increased breathing rate
Gan increased muscle tone
Han increased temperature

37The object below can be used to show the conservation of energy and momentum in elastic collisions. It has five identical stainless-steel balls hanging by thin strings. The two moving balls will hit the three balls that are not moving.

  What will happen immediately after the collision?
ABalls 4 and 5 will swing to the right.
BBalls 1 and 2 will swing back to the left.
CNone of the balls will move.

38Look at the graph below. It shows the chemical parts of an acid solution.

  According to the graph, how many grams (g) of water (H2O) are in this 200 g solution?
F8 grams
G80 grams
H120 grams

39Look at the diagram below.

  There were ten groups of 3 earthworms. Each group was placed in a separate cardboard container. Students recorded how the earthworms reacted while inside the cardboard container. Which of these hypotheses could best be tested using this procedure?
AEarthworms move toward a moist environment.
BEarthworm behavior is affected by darkness.
CEarthworms move quickly in cardboard environments.

40Which product of the cotton plant is made up of only one chemical element?

41Look at the advertisement below. It presents information about a product.

  Which of the following is supported by the information in the advertisement?
AMemory Drink has a lot of fat.
BMemory Drink is made mostly of water.
CMemory Drink has no minerals.

42Look at the food web below.

  What would most likely happen in this food web if the rabbits had fewer offspring?
FNative plants would quickly become extinct.
GThe fox population would slowly decrease.
HThe insect population would decrease quickly.

43When working with a chemical that produces flammable vapors, such as alcohol, which of these is a fire-safety precaution?
AWorking in an area that is well ventilated
BUsing clean instruments
CWearing a plastic lab apron

44Which adaptation helps apes tell the difference between ripe berries and immature berries?
FColor vision
GBody hair
HLeaping ability

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