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Read each question and choose the best answer. Then mark the circle next to the letter for the answer you have chosen.

1Study the graph below.

  Based on this graph, when did the influenza epidemic cause the most deaths?

2Which best describes George Washington’s role during the Revolutionary War?
FHe went to all the meetings of the Continental Congress.
GHe encouraged Congress to select a leader.
HHe led the Continental army against the British.

3Which headline could have been found in an American newspaper in 1776?



4What goal did President Abraham Lincoln achieve when General Robert E. Lee surrendered to General Ulysses S. Grant in 1865?
FTreating the defeated South with disrespect
GGiving in to supporters of the South
HDefeating the Confederate army to preserve the Union

5Read the quotation below.

  What was one goal of the 14th Amendment?
AExcluding Chinese immigrants from becoming citizens
BBreaking up all monopolies that restricted trade
CExtending equal protection under the law to all citizens

6Study the diagram below. It shows trade, the exchange of goods, between the New World and the Old World.

  Which was a result of the exchange of goods in this diagram?
FDecreased spread of disease
GImproved variety of food choices
HDecline in migration

7In a democratic society, which is most important in making sure that citizens are informed?
ARight to bear arms
BFreedom of religion
CFreedom of the press

8Thomas Jefferson helped the cause of the American Revolution by —
Fwriting the Declaration of Independence
Gleading the Continental army
Hmaking peace with Britain

9Study the map below.

  Based on this map, what can be concluded about El Camino Real?
AIt had no effect on undeveloped land along the Pacific Coast.
BIt caused the decline of Christian influence in the region.
CIt served as a line of communication along the Pacific Coast.

10Study the map below.

  As Napoleon retreated from Moscow, he lost many troops because of —
Fbattle wounds
Gextremely cold weather
Hsupply shortages

11Study the table below.

  Which statement is best supported by the information in this table?
AIndustry is the largest part of GDP for these countries.
BThese countries have mostly agricultural economies.
CService is the largest part of GDP for these countries.

12Look at the photograph below.

  What was the main purpose of the Great Wall of China?
FTo protect China from foreign invaders
GTo unite Chinese territories
HTo irrigate farms in China

13What happened in Europe and North America as a result of new technology in the 20th century?
AIncome decreased in cities.
BProduction in factories improved.
CThe amount of air pollution stayed the same.

14Read the information in the box below.

  This list best describes an economy that produces food mainly for —
Fcommercial purposes
Gfamine relief
Hwartime use

15Study the table below. It shows three characteristics that help determine the standard of living for people in a particular nation.

  Based on the information in this table, which nation most likely has the lowest standard of living?

16Study the diagrams below.

  Based on these diagrams, why might Model A represent a more convenient city in which to live?
FModel A has larger houses.
GModel A decreases the travel distance to work.
HModel A has more parks.

17Study the map below.

  Based on this map, which geographic feature most likely helped European trade in 1500?

18Which statement is a reason representative government developed in the British colonies in North America?
FThe royal ministers in England supported local self-rule.
GThe colonies were far away from England’s control.
HThe colonists belonged to the Church of England.

19Look at the photograph below.

  What is a result of the technology shown in this photograph?
AMore money to build highways
BLess need for steel
CIncreased travel options

20Study the table below.

  According to this table, which nation showed the most improvement in literacy from 1998 to 2000?

21Read the information in the box below.

  Which is a common characteristic of these documents?
AThey were written by wealthy men in joint-stock companies.
BThey list Native American contributions in the colonies.
CThey helped establish representative government in the colonies.

22Study the map below.

  According to this map, which economic activity used the most land in these Spanish colonies?
FCattle raising
GSugar production
HCoffee production

23Study the map below.

  Based on this map, what did these ancient civilizations have in common?
AThey adapted to their environment.
BThey did not solve their environmental problems.
CThey did not know how to change their environment.

24Read the quotation below.

  This quotation reflects which belief found in both the U.S. Constitution and the Declaration of Independence?
FGovernments exist to secure individual rights for people.
GAll people have unalienable rights.
HThe power of government comes from the people.

25Among people in the ancient world, which of these contributed to the distribution of goods and the spread of new ideas?
ATrade between regions
BTaming cattle
CBuilding aqueducts

26Read the quotation below.

  In this quotation, Daniel Webster expressed his opinion about the —
Fpassage of immigration laws
Gissue of states’ rights
Hamendment to end slavery

27What was the original purpose of the Constitutional Convention of 1787?
AMaking a plan for paying war debts
BEstablishing a two-house legislature
CRevising the Articles of Confederation

28Read the quotation below. It is from a set of laws known as the Black Codes.

  After the Civil War, what was one reason many Southern communities passed laws similar to this Black Code?
FReligious freedom was protected by the 1st Amendment.
GSlavery was abolished by the 13th Amendment.
HPoll taxes were outlawed by the 24th Amendment.

29What is the main purpose of the constitutional principle of checks and balances?
ATo allow states to do away with federal laws
BTo reduce the influence of voters
CTo prevent a branch of government from abusing its power

30Study the map below.

  Which factor has historically contributed most to the economy of Baghdad?
FIts location north of Saudi Arabia
GIts location on the Tigris River
HIts location west of Iran

31Read the quotation below.

  According to this quotation, a witness has the right to —
Arefuse to testify in court
Bask for a delay in the trial
Cdestroy physical evidence

32Look at the poster below.

  What is the main message of this 1968 Chinese poster?
FImmigrant workers are not allowed in the Communist Party.
GAdult literacy is a concern of the government.
HPeople have come together to support the Communist Party.

33In the 15th century, Johannes Gutenberg developed a printing press that —
Adiscouraged authors from writing new books
Bhelped spread new ideas in many languages
Cprovided more opportunities for men to become priests

34Read the information in the chart below.

  The beliefs described in this chart show that —
Fthe two groups used natural resources in different ways
GNative American villages were larger than colonial settlements
Hcolonial settlers wanted to buy land from Native Americans

35Study the map below. It shows how much freshwater different places in the world use for agriculture.

  Based on this map, which is the best conclusion about water used for agriculture?
ASouth Asia has the lowest percentage of water use.
BAustralia uses a lower percentage of water than the United States.
CSub-Saharan Africa uses a greater percentage of water than Europe and Central Asia.

36Study the map below.

  As shown on this map, which city was helped by both land and river trade routes?

37Read the information in the table below.

  According to the information in this table, these dams have —
Amet the expectations of their builders
Bhad a major environmental effect on their regions
Cpreserved historical ruins

38Study the map below. It shows when some regions became a part of Brandenburg-Prussia.

  According to this map, which region was the last to become part of Brandenburg-Prussia?

39Look at the picture below.

  The point of view expressed in this picture is that during the Civil War —
AAfrican American soldiers received more injuries on the battlefield than white soldiers
Bwhite and African American soldiers made the same sacrifices on the battlefield
Cwhite soldiers treated African American soldiers as enemies

40Study the map below. It shows how South Africa separated black citizens from white citizens in a system called apartheid.

  According to this map, where did the South African government establish most of the black “homelands”?
FIn the eastern part of the country
GIn the southwestern part of the country
HIn the central part of the country

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