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Read each question and choose the best answer. Then mark the circle next to the letter for the answer you have chosen.

1Look at the figure below. It shows a rectangular prism with a rod passing through it.

  If the rod is removed, which net best represents the rectangular prism?


2The table below shows selected values of a functional relationship between x and y.

  Which of the following equations best fits these data?
Fy = 1.5x − 5
Gy = 0.5x − 9
Hy = x − 7

3Eli is using a rectangular canvas for a school art project. The shaded triangles represent the sections Eli will paint.

  What is the total area of the sections that Eli will paint?
A12 cm 2
B48 cm 2
C24 cm 2

4How does the graph of the equation y = x 2 compare to the graph of the equation y = −x 2?

F The graph of y = x 2 is wider than the graph of
y = −x 2.

G The graph of y = x 2 is narrower than the graph of
y = −x 2.

H The graph of y = x 2 is a reflection of the graph of
y = −x 2 across the x-axis.


5Triangle KPW is shown below.

  Which of these coordinates represents point S so that KS is a median of triangle KPW?
A(8, 7)
B(4, 3)
C(1, 0)

6Which pair of 3-dimensional figures has the same number of vertices?



7The graph below shows the total charge for labor at a vehicle-repair shop. The total charge includes the basic service charge plus the amount charged for each hour of work done on a vehicle.

  Based on the graph, what is the amount charged for each hour of work done on a vehicle at this shop?
A$15 per hour
B$20 per hour
C$10 per hour

8The total cost to park in a parking garage can be expressed by the function c = 2 + 0.60(h − 1), where h represents the number of hours parked. Which is the best interpretation of this information?
FThe charge for parking in the parking garage is $2.00 for the first hour and $0.60 per hour for each additional hour.
GThe charge for parking in the parking garage is $2.60 plus the number of hours parked.
HThere is no charge for parking in the parking garage for the first hour, but each additional hour costs $0.60.

9Which graph best represents a line that has a slope of and contains the point (−3, −8)?


10In ΔKPT shown below, KT = 9 centimeters and
PT = 13 centimeters.

  Which of these could be the length of segment KP?
F1 cm
G3 cm
H7 cm

11Raj purchased a spherical gumball container with a stand, like the one shown below. The diameter of the container is 8 inches.

  Which is closest to the volume of the container?
A268 in. 3
B151 in. 3
C201 in. 3

12An electric company is installing poles and crossbars for electrical service in a neighborhood. A section of one unit is shown below.

  What is the value of x?

13A boat leaves a dock and travels 86 miles due north and then 103 miles due east.

  Which is closest to the straight-line distance of the boat from the dock?
A57 mi
B134 mi
C323 mi

14Marcy loads 2 CDs into her multidisc CD player. When the CD player is set to random mode, it plays 1 song at random from the first CD and 1 song at random from the second CD.
  What is the probability that the first 2 songs played on the CD player when it is set to random mode will be 2 songs that Marcy likes?



15ΔPRK and ΔXYK are similar triangles.

  What is the length of XY?
A27 inches
B15 inches
C38 inches

16Which of these best represents the solution set of
3x − 1 > 8?



17KM and KP are diameters of circle P and circle T, respectively.

  If MK = 12 inches, which of the following is closest to the area of circle T?
A452 in. 2
B28 in. 2
C113 in. 2

18Saundra drew three different isosceles triangles PTQ. In each of the triangles, TP = TQ.

  Which equation best represents the relationship between the measures of angles T and Q in each of the triangles?



19Points K, L, and T are collinear. Point K has coordinates
(−4, −4), and point L has coordinates (−1, 1).

  Which ordered pair could represent point T?
A(1, 7)
B(3, 4)
C(5, 11)

20Look at the table below.

  According to the table, which of the following statements is true?
FThe sum of the exterior angles of any regular polygon is 180°.
GThe sum of the exterior angles of any regular polygon is 360°.
HThe sum of the exterior angles of any regular polygon is 120n°.

21Triangle RPT is shown below.

  Which measure is closest to the length of RT?
A36 cm
B12 cm
C42 cm

22Mr. Winters drove 910 miles in 14 hours. At this rate, how long will it take Mr. Winters to drive 1300 miles?
F10 h
G20 h
H65 h

23Mrs. Pitts has a rectangular backyard with the dimensions shown below. She plans to cover her backyard with rectangular pieces of grass turf measuring 2 feet by 1 foot.

  What is the minimum number of pieces of grass turf that Mrs. Pitts needs in order to completely cover her backyard, not including her patio?

24In a survey 50 students at a middle school were asked to name the sports they played. The results are shown in the diagram below.

  How many more students played only 2 sports than played
all 3 sports?

25A company that makes trucks delivers them to dealers by train.
  Which expression represents the number of trucks that were delivered in one railroad car?



26Which expression is equivalent to
−2(24x 2 − 10x) + (52x − 12)?
F−48x 2 + 33x − 3
G−48x 2 − 7x − 3
H−48x 2 + 3x − 3

27Look at the diagram below. Line t intersects parallel
lines l and m.

  What is the measure of 1?

28The grid below shows ΔLRW with vertices at L (1, 5), R (5, 3), and W (2, 1).

  Which best represents the image of ΔLRW under the translation (x − 5, y + 3)?


29The figure below shows a cone.

  Which cone is similar to the cone above?


30The manager of a stereo store has just received the two graphs shown below from his sales team. The graphs show the revenue from a new brand of speakers.

  If the graphs show the same sales revenue for the same product over time, which statement best explains why these graphs appear to be so different?
FThe graph on the left shows a decrease in the number of products sold over time.
GThe graph on the right shows an increase in the number of products sold over time.
HThe vertical scales of the graphs are different, making one graph appear to have a greater increase in sales revenue over time.

31Karen and Carl went to a game 120 miles away.
  How much longer did it take Karen to get to the game?
A5 hours
B1 hour
C3 hours

32Which graph has a domain of −4 < x ≤ 4 and a range of
−2 ≤ y ≤ 2?


33Caroline’s favorite trivia game features questions in
3 categories. The table below shows how Caroline
did the last time she played this trivia game.

  Based on the information in the table, which is the best prediction of how many science questions Caroline will answer correctly out of the next 20 science questions she is asked?

34The function y = 5x 2 − 2 represents a function of the form
y = ax 2 + c. If the value of c is multiplied by 4, how does the graph of the new function compare to the graph of the original function?
FThe graph of the new function is a reflection of the graph of the original function across the x-axis.
GThe graph of the new function is a translation down of the graph of the original function.
HThe graph of the new function is the same as the graph of the original function.

35KW is a diameter of the circle shown below.

  What is the midpoint of KW?
A(2, 4)
B(4, 2)
C(1, 5)

36When the quadratic function y = x 2 − 8x + 15 is graphed, at what coordinates does the graph intersect the x-axis?
F(0, −5) and (0, −3)
G(4, 0) and (15, 0)
H(3, 0) and (5, 0)

37The pressure, P, inside a closed container is given by the product of a constant, n, and the temperature inside the container, t, divided by the volume of the container, V. Which equation best represents this relationship?



38A scientist conducts an air-quality study. She finds that the level of exhaust fumes in the air is a function of the number of cars on the highway. What is the independent quantity in this relationship?
FThe level of exhaust fumes in the air
GThe number of cars on the highway
HThe air-quality index near the highway

39Which of these best represents the slope of the line graphed on the grid below?




40Mrs. Westfield asked her students to identify the parent function of y = x 2 − 3. Which of the following student responses is correct?
Fy = x
Gy = x 2
Hy =

41Look at the rectangular prism below.

  • The length of the prism is 8ab3c2 units.
  • The width of the prism is 5a2bc3 units.
  • The height of the prism is 7a4bc units.

  Which expression best describes the volume of the prism?
A280a7b5c6 cubic units
B280a8b3c6 cubic units
C20a7b5c6 cubic units

42Ron signed a 12-month lease on an apartment.
  Which system of linear equations can be used to determine r, the amount of Ron’s monthly rent, and d, the amount of the one-time deposit?
Frd = 850
12r + d = 7450
Gr + d = 850
12rd = 7450
Hr + d = 850
12r + d = 7450

43A rectangle has a perimeter of 140 units. Its length is 10 units more than its width. If l represents the length and w represents the width, then this situation can be represented by this system of equations.

  What is the width of this rectangle?
A65 units
B30 units
C70 units

44Manny created a circular spinner for a game.

  Which of these is closest to the area of each sector on the spinner?
F90 cm2
G362 cm2
H452 cm2

45Look at the table below.

  If the Roman numeral MCMXCVI represents the year 1996, which of the following Roman numerals best represents the year 1999?

46Which table best describes points on the line graphed below?



47Andy has only $20 to spend on art supplies.

  Which is a reasonable combination of packages of paper and colored pencils that Andy can buy with only $20?
A3 packages of paper and 4 packages of colored pencils
B1 package of paper and 7 packages of colored pencils
C5 packages of paper and 2 packages of colored pencils

48Which shows the right-side view of this 3-dimensional object?



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