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Read each question and choose the best answer. Then mark the circle next to the letter for the answer you have chosen.

1Plants get energy for growth from —

2A student touches a sharp pin and then quickly pulls her hand away. Which two body systems are most involved in the student’s reaction?
FEndocrine and muscular systems
GNervous and muscular systems
HCirculatory and muscular systems

3The pull of gravity on Earth is six times greater than the pull of gravity on the moon. Which of these best supports this statement?
AA person weighs more on Earth than on the moon.
BWater takes longer to boil on Earth than on the moon.
CA flame lasts longer on Earth than on the moon.

4Look at the table below. It shows properties of materials with covalent and ionic bonds.

  Based on this information, which of these solid materials most likely contains ionic bonds?
GTable salt

5A study on a new drug found that people who take the drug have no serious side effects. The results of the study should be questioned if the study —
Aincluded the names of people who participated
Bwas done only by the company that made the drug
Cfailed to include the cost of the drug

6A segment of mRNA before and after mutation is shown in the boxes below.

  If the underlined “U” is replaced by the underlined “A,” the mutation is called a —

7The following study was conducted on three water plants of the same size and type.
  Which question was most likely being studied?
ADoes the brightness of light affect the rate of photosynthesis?
BIs the carbon dioxide from respiration used up in photosynthesis?
CHow much water do plants require for photosynthesis?

8DNA is made up of nucleotides that contain carbon. The diagram below shows a nucleotide.

  How many carbon atoms are contained in this nucleotide?

9A car accelerates at a constant rate from an initial velocity of 0 meters per second (m/s) to a final velocity of 32 meters per second (m/s) in 8 seconds (s). What is the car’s acceleration?

A4 m/s 2
B8 m/s 2
C16 m/s 2

10As a banana ripens
  What causes the banana to become sweeter as it ripens?
FPhysical change
GEnvironmental change
HChemical change

11Look at the ions in the diagram below. It shows a neutral solution of salt and distilled water.

  How does the diagram show that the solution has a neutral pH?
AA metallic element is present.
BThere are equal numbers of OH and H+ ions.
CThe ions are in solution at room temperature.

12Which of these is most likely the mass of a pencil?
F5 milligrams (mg)
G5 kilograms (kg)
H5 grams (g)

13Look at the advertisement below.

  Which sentence contains a claim that can be tested with a controlled experiment?

14Look at the diagram of a bacterium below.

  The diagram illustrates that this bacterium can do which of the following?
FMake its own food
GMove on its own
HPrevent mutations

15Which of these groups of elements in the periodic table begins at the top with a metal?
AGroup 8
BGroup 14
CGroup 16

16Look at the table below. It shows the results of adding different amounts of solute to equal amounts of water.

  Which statement is best supported by these data?
FA quantity of 10 to 20 grams of solute dissolves more easily in cold water than in warm water.
GThe temperature of the water increases when 30 grams of solute is added.
HSome solute remains undissolved when more than
40 grams of solute is added.

17Look at the diagrams below. They show different amounts of water being heated in identical beakers.

  After 10 minutes of equal heating, the water in Beaker X had a temperature rise of 2°C. How much did the temperature of the water rise in Beaker Y?

18Look at the list below. It describes a sagebrush plant.

  The tiny fibers help sagebrush leaves to reflect more light than the leaves of other types of plants without these fibers. How does this adaptation help the sagebrush plant?
FIt reduces the drying effects of the sun.
GIt releases large amounts of carbon dioxide.
HIt increases mineral absorption.

19Telescopes are used to see distant galaxies from Earth. When a galaxy is viewed from Earth, it is seen in a different position than when it is seen from space. Which of these best explains this?
AObjects in space travel at high speeds.
BLight rays bend as they pass through Earth’s atmosphere.
CGravity can interfere with telescopes on the ground.

20A student needs to find the density of a rock with an irregular shape. Which of these measuring tools should the student use?

FA balance and a metric ruler
GA balance and a graduated cylinder
HA balance and a metal plate

21Look at the table below.

  According to the data, which substance tested has a pH closest to the pH of distilled water?
BHousehold cleanser

22A type of worm found in plant roots can
  Which of these best describes the relationship between the worm and the plant?

23Most organelles in a cell are suspended within —
Bendoplasmic reticulum

24Look at the picture below. It shows a hand crank being used to power a radio.

  Which of these energy conversions is represented in the picture?
FMechanical energy to electrical energy
GGravitational potential energy to heat energy
HLight energy to heat energy

25Information from a label on a jar of applesauce is shown below.

  Which of these can be concluded from this information?
AThe growth of bacteria in the applesauce has been reduced.
BThe flavor of the applesauce is sweet.
CThe vitamin D content in the applesauce has been reduced.

26Students are finding the pH of different substances. Which of these must each student do for the activity to be done safely?
FSet up a control group
GWear protective goggles
HHave a fire extinguisher available

27Look at the diagram below. It shows two aluminum plates, X and Y, before and after they are placed in contact with each other.

  What will most likely happen after heat transfer is complete?
APlate X will become cooler.
BPlate Y will lose mass.
CBoth plates will be the same temperature.

28Look at the list below.

  In which of these kingdoms are organisms with the traits listed above classified?

29Look at the diagram below.

  Half of the gas mixture is removed from the flask shown above. Which of the diagrams below best represents the gas mixture that will be left in the flask?


30Which of these happens after a baseball is hit at a constant speed with a baseball bat?
FThe speed of the baseball bat decreases.
GThe speed of the baseball bat increases.
HThe force of gravity on the baseball bat decreases.

31Scientists compare amino acid sequences when classifying organisms. In the sequences shown below, each amino acid is designated by a different letter.

  Which two organisms have amino acid sequences that are most alike?
ARattlesnake and gray whale
BPig and rattlesnake
CPig and gray whale

32Some vaccines are effective for a person’s entire life. A study showed that one childhood vaccine remained effective for the 15-year length of the study. Why would it be wrong to conclude that this vaccine will be effective for a person’s entire life?
FMost people change doctors during their lifetime.
GMost people live longer than the length of the study.
HThe vaccine may not have been made properly.

33Look at the diagrams below. The diagrams show two waves with different frequencies.

  The wave with the higher frequency —
Ahas a smaller amplitude
Bis a longitudinal wave
Chas a shorter wavelength

34How do decomposers obtain nutrients?
FBy capturing other animals as prey
GBy breaking down dead organisms
HBy storing energy from the sun

35Use the periodic table to answer the following question. How many electrons are in the outer level of a magnesium (Mg) atom?

36Which of these shows the best way to find the mass of salt using a balance?



37Look at the map below. It shows the location of Earth’s North Magnetic Pole over the last several centuries.

  Which of these is best shown by the data?
AThe magnetic pole will pass back over the same path in the coming centuries.
BThe magnetic pole will be located in Greenland by 2100.
CThe position of the magnetic pole has changed over the past four centuries.

38Some bacteria can cause disease, but others are needed by humans. Which of these best describes how some bacteria are helpful to humans?
FThey form mats on freshwater ponds.
GThey limit the growth of other types of bacteria.
HThey produce poisons as a result of metabolism.

39In the periodic table, elements with similar chemical properties are usually placed in the same —

40Look at the graph below. It shows the decay rate of

  According to the graph, about how many carbon-14 half-lives has a 23,000-year-old fossil had?
F3 half-lives
G4 half-lives
H5 half-lives

41The law of conservation of mass is most closely related to which of these concepts?
AThe force of gravity decreases with distance.
BEnergy can be neither created nor destroyed.
CThe pressure from a fluid increases with depth.

42Which piece of equipment should be used to observe structures inside a leaf cell?


43Which diagram below correctly shows the direction in which heat would travel through a metal rod?



44Which of these correctly shows the flow of energy in a simple food chain?



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