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Read each question and choose the best answer. Then mark the circle next to the letter for the answer you have chosen.

1Why did the U.S. government stop the production of new cars during World War II?
ATo use factories to make goods for the military
BTo encourage customers to buy goods for daily life
CTo protect the jobs of male soldiers

2Who was the commander of the Continental army during the Revolutionary War?
FJohn Adams
GPaul Revere
HGeorge Washington

3Study the time line below.

  Which event in October 1962 completes the sequence of events shown in this time line?
AThe Soviet Union invades Afghanistan.
BThe Cuban Missile Crisis occurs.
CThe Korean War begins.

4Study the diagram below.

  The quotations in this diagram help explain why many colonial Americans wanted to —
Fdeclare independence
Gtax property owners
Hestablish a state religion

5Read the definition in the box below.

  President Calvin Coolidge supported laissez-faire business practices during —
AWorld War I
Bthe Roaring Twenties
CWorld War II

6Read the information in the box below.

  Which is the best title for this box?
FAdvantages of the Good Neighbor Policy
GConditions of the Marshall Plan
HBenefits of the GI Bill of Rights

7What caused the economy to grow in the 1920s?
AMore consumers had access to credit.
BThe U.S. military presence in Europe continued.
CCommercial airline flights began.

8Read the information in the box below.

  The activities listed in this box are ways to demonstrate —
Fthe right to vote
Gfreedom of religion
Hfreedom of assembly

9Study the map below.

  Which numbered area on the map made it more difficult to build the Transcontinental Railroad in the late 1860s?

10To prevent the abuse of power as described in the Declaration of Independence, the authors of the U.S. Constitution —
Fcreated a system of checks and balances
Gestablished a national bank
Hestablished competing political parties

11Study the diagram below. It shows the Columbian Exchange from 1492 to 1650.

  The exchange of goods shown in this diagram directly resulted in —
Abetter nutrition in Europe
Bimproved soil in Africa
Cclimate change in North America

12How did many Americans react to U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War?
FThey showed greater confidence in elected officials.
GThey participated in antiwar protests.
HThey supported the resignation of President Richard M. Nixon.

13Study the diagram below.

  Which factor best completes this diagram?
ACrowded cities
BSmaller families
CLess crime

14Read the information in the box below.

  Which title best describes the information in this box?
FReasons for Developing International Trade
GIssues of Worldwide Concern
HResults of Restrictive Trade Agreements

15Study the graph below. It shows U.S. exports to China and U.S. imports from China between 1989 and 2004.

  What trend in U.S.–China trade is shown by this graph?
AThe number of U.S. businesses in China decreased.
BThe demand for U.S. products in Chinese markets declined.
CChinese goods became more available in U.S. markets.

16Study the diagram below. It is about the Anti-Saloon League, which was founded in 1895.

  Which title best completes this diagram?
FEfforts Made to Give Women the Right to Vote
GSolutions Offered to Promote Democratic Values
HMethods Used to Encourage Prohibition Legislation

17Why did President Harry Truman decide to use the atomic bomb in World War II?
ATo end the war quickly and save American lives
BTo make sure the Swiss remained neutral
CTo free prisoners of war in Europe and the Pacific

18Study the table below.

  The data in this table support which statement?
FMarket economies have the highest infant mortality rates.
GNations with higher literacy rates have the most people working in agriculture.
HTraditional economies have the most people working in agriculture.

19During the late 1800s, U.S. manufacturers lowered costs by —
Ausing child labor
Bcontrolling immigration laws
Coffering health-care plans for workers

20Study the map below.

  According to this map, which U.S. region had the lowest population density in 2000?
HRocky Mountains

21Study the diagram below.

  Which invention best completes the sequence in this diagram?

22Which new technology helped cars become more affordable in the 1920s?
FSynthetic materials
GThe assembly line
HThe transistor

23Study the map below.

  This map shows that —
Amany concentration camps were built in Denmark
Bmost death camps were built outside of Germany
Cmost death camps were built in southern Europe

24Look at the drawing below.

  Which was a lasting effect of the activities shown in this drawing?
FNative Americans of the Great Plains lost a natural resource that was important to their culture.
GSettlers in the West started ranches instead of farms.
HNative Americans of the Great Plains lost their influence on eastern markets.

25The telegraph was invented in the 1800s. How did this invention most affect U.S. society?
ACommunication became faster.
BThe rural population increased.
CAgricultural production improved.

26Which significant event occurred in October 1929?
FThe Treaty of Versailles was signed.
GThe Prohibition amendment was passed.
HThe stock market crashed.

27Look at the photograph below. It shows suffragists marching in a parade in 1913.

  This photograph shows that the women involved in the parade are —
Ademonstrating their right to promote political change
Bcausing a riot against protected speech
Cillegally challenging governmental authority

28The freedoms found in the Bill of Rights guarantee protection from —
Fthe government’s abuse of power
Ginvasion by a foreign country
Hunlawful business practices

29Retired people are helped by the Social Security Act because it provides —
Ajob training
Ba fixed income
Caffordable houses

30Read the quotation in the box below.

  In this quotation, Vice President Gore is most likely referring to technological advancements in —

31Why did Congress pass the 13th Amendment after the Civil War?
ATo end slavery in the United States
BTo require minorities to pay a tax to vote
CTo provide the government with additional money

32Read the quotation in the box below.

  Which civil liberty was most seriously threatened by the act shown in this box?
FRight to an attorney
GFreedom of religion
HFreedom of speech

33Study the map below.

  Based on this map, it can be concluded that the purpose of the Ho Chi Minh Trail was to —
Acreate a physical boundary between Laos and Thailand
Bsend troops and supplies from North Vietnam to South Vietnam
Cmove Vietnamese refugees to camps in Thailand

34Study the diagram below.

  Which group benefited most from the reforms shown in this diagram?
FPolitical parties
GIndustrial laborers
HReligious institutions

35Study the table below.

  Which is the best conclusion based on information in the table?
AEmployment opportunities for women increased from 1930 to 2000.
BIn the 1930s there were more opportunities for women to work outside the home.
CFewer women worked outside the home in 2000 than in 1930.

36Look at the cartoon below.

  The view expressed in this cartoon is that —
FNative Americans were treated fairly by the U.S. government
Ggovernment officials grew rich at the expense of Native Americans
HNative Americans led comfortable lives on reservations

37Study the map below.

  According to this map, in A.D. 330 the Roman Empire controlled —
Aparts of four continents
Baccess to the Baltic Sea
Caccess to the Mediterranean Sea

38Read the information in the boxes below. It suggests that the Supreme Court’s interpretation of the U.S. Constitution changed between 1896 and 1964.

  This change happened because of efforts to —
Fend racial discrimination in public places
Gkeep citizens who fail a reading and writing test from voting
Himprove voter participation in large cities

39Look at the photograph below.

  In the 1930s many workers participated in strikes so they could get better working conditions. This photograph shows that these workers —
Athought their employer would support them
Bwere willing to protest at their workplace
Cwere punished by police officers

40Learning about an author’s personal background can help to identify the author’s —
Fpoint of view
Hfuture literary success

41Look at the photograph below.

  This 1908 photograph supports which conclusion about this time period?
AChild workers were used by industry.
BMost workers were recent immigrants.
CManufacturing required skilled workers.

42Read the information in the box below. It is a summary of the 24th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

  Before the 24th Amendment was passed, what was the poll tax used for in the South?
FTo increase the number of citizens voting
GTo limit the rights of states
HTo discourage minority citizens from voting

43Look at the World War I poster below.

  This World War I poster was used as propaganda for —
Acontinuing U.S. neutrality
Bjoining the Allied defense of Europe
Cseeking revenge against Russia

44Read the quotation in the box below.

  What is President Roosevelt talking about in this quotation?
FThe U.S. role as a world power
GU.S. immigration policies
HThe international labor movement

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