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TEA Correspondence

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SUBJECT:   National Child Identification Program
DATE:  March 17, 2011

The National Child Identification Program (NCIDP) was created by the American Football Coaches Association (AFCA) in 1997 to improve child safety.  In December 2001, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) joined in partnership with the AFCA making it the only program of its kind to be endorsed by the FBI. The National Child ID Program has developed a child identification kit to assist every parent in the state of Texas.

While not mandated or collected by the state or federal government, each Child ID kit contains the tools necessary for parents to record and store vital information on each child including photographs, fingerprints, identifying marks and DNA. All the information can be privately collected and stored in the home so that information necessary for law enforcement is readily available in the case of an emergency. To learn more about the AFCA/FBI National Child ID Program please visit

If you or parents in your district are interested in ordering Child ID kits, please visit

The Texas Education Agency encourages your district to provide this important resource to the parents of your district. Together, we can continue to assist our communities in ensuring the safety of every Texas child.


Robert Scott
Commissioner of Education

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