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TEA Correspondence

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December 16, 2005

Re: Minimum Teacher Salary Schedule

This letter is to inform you that all districts who currently do NOT pay above the state minimum salary schedule will be required to adopt the newly proposed minimum teacher salary schedule for the 2005-2006 school year. The new minimum salary schedule will create a pay raise for many of our classroom teachers, counselors, librarians and nurses. Because of the lateness of this notification, districts will be given through the end of this school year to fully compensate their eligible employees for any increase.

As you know, the proposed rule is based on Governor Perry’s executive order for a teacher pay raise, and a determination that the additional funds appropriated for our schools this summer should be considered for purposes of the minimum salary schedule. The continuation of the $110 per weighted student in the current appropriations act has convinced me that the legislature intends it to be part of the school finance system and thus considered for purposes of calculating the minimum salary schedule. The new salary schedule reflects the addition of that amount for the 2005-2006 and 2006-2007 school years.

I am very happy to announce this increase for our classroom teachers, counselors, librarians and nurses. As a former superintendent, I know they are worth every penny of it. But I also understand the concerns of school districts that may not have budgeted for this increase given the lateness of the state appropriations process. Because the salary schedule is being adopted considerably later than the normal June 1st deadline, the rule as adopted will allow districts this year to make payments on a locally-determined schedule, so long as the total paid to all eligible employees during the school year meets the new minimum amounts. This recognizes both the fact that much of the school year has already passed, as well as the need for some districts to make appropriate budget adjustments.

I appreciate the willingness of each of you to share your thoughts on the proposed rule, as well as the many comments received from all over the state. This is a fair resolution for both our teachers and the districts as we anticipate a new system to fund our schools. Thank you all for your patience as we at the agency have worked to resolve these issues.


Shirley J. Neeley
Commissioner of Education



Monthly Minimum Salary Rates

2005-2006 School Year State Minimum Salary Schedule

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