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TEA Correspondence

A Microsoft Word version of this letter is available for download and PRINTING.

Applicable NCLB Federal Programs

FAR Revenue Code 5929
Title I, Part A: FAR Fund Code 211/300
CFDA No.84.010A
Title I, Part C: FAR Fund Code 212/301
CFDA No. 84.011A
Title II, Part A: FAR Fund Code 255/342
CFDA No. 84.367A
Title II, Part D: FAR Fund Conde 262/349
CFDA No. 84.318X
Title III, Part A - LEP: FAR Fund Code 263/350
CFDA No.84.365A
Title III Part A - Immigrant: FAR Fund Code 263/350
CFDA No. 84.365A
Title IV, Part A: FAR Fund Code 204/293
CFDA No. 84.186A


April 8, 2010

SUBJECT: Compliance Report - PR7000 Private Nonprofit School Participation for School Year 2009-2010 – April 30, 2010 Deadline


The PR7000 – Private Nonprofit School Participation Compliance Report for school year 2009-2010 is now available in eGrants. The submission deadline date is April 30, 2010.

This compliance report collects the following information from school districts for all of the applicable NCLB federal programs listed at the top of this letter:

■ Number of private nonprofit schools
■ Number of students enrolled in those private nonprofit schools
■ Number of low-income students enrolled in those private nonprofit schools

The school district is required to submit the PR7000 even if no private nonprofit schools chose to participate and even if there were no private nonprofit schools located within the boundaries of the school district.

Please note that this is the first year that school districts are required to enter private nonprofit school participation data for the Title III, Immigrant program based on U.S. Department of Education (USDE) requirements.

The PR7000 can be located through the school district’s Grantee Profile in eGrants. To locate the compliance report, select the 2009-2010 NCLB Consolidated Federal Grant Application from the drop-down list of Available Grant Programs in eGrants. The PR7000 does not pertain to the following: open-enrollment charter schools, South Texas ISD, Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired, Texas School for the Deaf, Texas Youth Commission, and Windham School District.

If you have any questions regarding the PR7000, please contact the Division of Formula Funding at 512-463-8525 or e-mail formulafunds@tea.state.tx.us.


Yolanda Cantu
Senior Director, Division of Formula Funding

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