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TEA Correspondence

A Microsoft Word version of this letter is available for download and PRINTING.



January 31, 2011


SUBJECT:        No Child Left Behind Report Card

Section 1111(h)(2) of the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) requires each local education agency (LEA) that receives Title I, Part A funding to disseminate specific LEA and campus level data to 1) all LEA campuses, 2) parents of all enrolled students, and 3) make the information widely available through public means such as posting on the internet, distribution to the media, or distribution through public agencies.

The Agency has developed the Texas NCLB Report Card, an internet-based system to generate the campus, LEA, and state-level reports that meet the specific federal reporting requirement.  This system, available today, January 31, 2011, is located at the following link:

To navigate the system, the LEA selects the type of report (state, district, or campus), the year (2010), and searches either by LEA (or campus) name or by county-district (or campus) number.  Within each report, the following sections are included: 

  • Part I - Student Achievement
  • Part II - Student Achievement and Academic Expectations (AYP)
  • Part III - AYP and Schools Identified for Improvement, Corrective Action, and Restructuring
  • Part IV - Teacher Quality
  • Part V - NAEP Achievement Levels (State and LEA Reports Only)

Links are provided to Portable Document Format (PDF) files of each report, which the LEA may save to its local files for use in posting to the web.

No later than March 1, 2011, each LEA must distribute its LEA- and campus-level reports to all of its campuses, send notifications about these reports to parents of all enrolled students, and make the reports available through public means.

The Texas NCLB Report Card requirements are separate from the 2009-2010 Academic Excellence Indicator System (AEIS) report and the 2009-2010 School Report Cards (SRC) public reporting responsibilities.  State reporting requirements for the AEIS and SRC have not changed and LEAs must continue to follow the guidelines provided for dissemination of these reports as they have in previous years.  Federal requirements are met by the distribution of the Texas NCLB Report Card by the deadline shown above.  Questions regarding the state-mandated AEIS and SRC report dissemination requirements should be directed to the Division of Performance Reporting at (512) 463-9704, or via email at performance.reporting@tea.state.tx.us.

By March 1, 2011, the LEA must disseminate the required NCLB Report Card information by making the reports widely available through public means such as posting on the internet, and notifying parents of all enrolled students about the reports’ availability.  Parent notification templates in English and Spanish, which may be modified to fit the LEA’s needs, are provided on the Agency’s NCLB report card web page (http://www.tea.state.tx.us/index4.aspx?id=4638&menu_id=798) for the LEA’s convenience.  Copies of the NCLB Report Cards should be made available for review upon request.  The LEA and its campuses may also consider providing opportunities for parents to meet with school officials to discuss the data and ask any questions they may have.

The Division of NCLB Program Coordination will conduct a random validation to ensure the report card data are disseminated as required by statute.

If you need additional information regarding the NCLB Report Card, please contact the NCLB or Title I contact at your regional Education Service Center (ESC).  For questions or other information, please contact the Division of NCLB Program Coordination at 512-463-9374 and ask for the program specialist who is assigned to your ESC region. 



Cory Green, Senior Director
Division of NCLB Program Coordination



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