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TEA Correspondence

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January 4, 2005


SUBJECT: Pupil Projections for the Next Biennium

A data form has been developed within the online FSP Payment System to allow school districts to propose revisions to the agency’s initial projections of pupil counts for the coming biennium that includes the 2005-06 and 2006-07 school years. The initial projections have been submitted to the Legislative Budget Board and state leadership in accordance with statutory requirements. The same statutes provide for a second set of revised projections to be submitted on March 1, 2005, during the upcoming 79th Legislative session.

In order to appropriate funding for public education, the Legislature will adopt a set of student count forecasts. Under current law, these counts serve as the basis for Foundation School Program payments for the next biennium (Legislative Payment Estimate, LPE data on the 2005-06 and 2006-07 Summary of Finances). That is, the student counts adopted by the legislature control districts’ cash flow for the next two school years. However, actual state aid entitlements are earned on the basis of final student counts and reconciled with payments at settle-up.

You have the opportunity to suggest revisions to the Agency’s student count projections prior to the March submission to the legislature. Proposed revisions will be accepted through February 4, 2005. To access the current projections and submit proposed revisions for your district, log into the FSP System. A link to the system is provided at http://www.tea.state.tx.us/school.finance/fsp.html. If you do not have an account/logon to access the FSP System, you can obtain an application for access at the site noted above. Please note that any of the staff within your district who currently has a logon for the FSP System will be able to use the Pupil Projections module. If you do not have access to the FSP System, you may want to work with others in the district who already have access to review the projections and submit revisions. Additional instructions for using the online Pupil Projections module are posted on the TEA School Finance website at http://www.tea.state.tx.us/school.finance/fsp_ppm_instruct.doc.

Please be aware that proposed revisions, particularly increases, will be fully analyzed. Since a reasonable growth rate has been used to generate the projections, Agency staff may contact you and request documentation to substantiate any proposed increases.

Your assistance in helping us provide the legislature with an accurate estimate of student counts for the next biennium is appreciated. If you have questions, please contact Bob Jocius, Director of the Division of State Funding, at (512) 463-9238.


Joe Wisnoski
Deputy Associate Commissioner,
School Finance and Fiscal Analysis

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