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July 15, 2008


RE: 2008 Minimum Standards for the Academic Achievement Record

Attached are the 2008 Minimum Standards reflecting updated requirements for completing the Academic Achievement Record (AAR). Schools are required to follow the updated standards for students entering ninth grade in 2008-2009 and thereafter. Schools are allowed to follow the 2008 Minimum Standards for additional students as long as the standards are applied to all students entering as freshmen in any given school year.

The 2008 Minimum Standards, like the 2004 version currently in use, details the minimum information required for a complete AAR.  Some information described in the 2008 Minimum Standards is optional, and districts may add additional information to meet local district needs.

The minimum standards allow flexibility at the local school district level while ensuring that certain key elements are recorded. It is anticipated that the forms currently available at will be updated to align with the 2008 Minimum Standards in July of this year. School districts may choose to duplicate any of the approved forms for use as official transcripts.

Please distribute the attached 2008 Minimum Standards to secondary school principals, counselors, and registrars as well as district-level personnel who work with student records. If you have questions, please contact the Division of Curriculum at (512) 463-9581 or your education service center.


Anita Givens
Deputy Associate Commissioner
Standards and Alignment


2008 Minimum Standards for the Academic Achievement Record

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